Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So handsome...

Looking sharp stud! New haircut and new church clothes...looking good David!

Christmas time...

I don't know about anyone else but it seems as if Christmas snuck up on me this year. We did most of our Christmas shopping early, like October, so maybe that's why I didn't feel the usual rush. It was nice and quiet this year...which I really liked. We went over to my parents and had some good food and nice family time. My mom made fresh fruit juice and David loved it and drank that until he had the runs. I thought I would run out of diapers....almost did! It was a really fun night and Santa was very generous to our family.
I didn't take very many pictures...here are some.

It's been really cold these past couple of weeks, this is what the kids like to wear to keep warm.

This was my attempt at getting some pictures of the kids in their nice clothes...didn't last more than 3 pictures.

Nice pose Veronica.

Christmas morning over at the Abuelo's home.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our first of many...

holiday programs to attend. Veronica's pre-school class has been practicing their song and dance for the past week and today they had their holiday program. Of course they were the last class to perform so I had to sit through the whole program. There's nothing like an elementary class orchestra... The program wasn't too long and watching Veronica perform was amazing. I've been trying to get Veronica to show me what she's been practicing but she refused and just sitting back and watching her do her thing was cute. I couldn't get any good pictures, or any that were in focus...I was busy with the video camera. It was funny to see a lot of the parents watching their kids through their video cameras. When I figure out transferring video to my computer I'll post...she was cute none-the-less.

Sad...this is the only shot I got that was in focus. Veronica is on the right, with the pink shirt. This was shot during her "Rockin' around the Christmas tree" dance with her partner Harkirt.

Veronica caught a glimpse of me and posed for the camera...you see what I mean by out of focus.

Veronica, Gabby and Kathy posing after their awesome performance.

Veronica taking a crack at wrapping presents.

All wrapped and ready for the tree.

Also, Veronica has 3 weeks off school. What will we do with all this time? Any suggestions?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ward Christmas Party

We had our ward Christmas party last Saturday. It was a pretty well put together activity with lots of activities for the kids and a special appearance from Santa. It was fun, except when David was acting like a terror close to the end of the evening. We hardly saw Veronica, she much rather spend the whole night playing with her little pals than sit with us.

David and his friend Iris hanging out under the table.

This is Veronica being surprised by Santa coming in the door. All the kids started jumping and giggling and following Santa. It was cute.

Can Santa look any scarier? Veronica didn't notice and was more excited than she seems in this picture.

"...and I want a baby and I want some coloring books..."

David didn't seem to mind so much, as long as candy was given at the end.

David got really into decorating the Christmas tree. It's too bad most of the ornaments ended up in a pile on the floor.

My boys, aren't they cute.

Santa was a busy fellow. He also made an appearance at Veronica's school.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Thankful Thanksgiving

Helping with dessert...

More help...

We had my parents and brother over as well as the Tanigawa's (Lana is peacefully sleeping and not in the picture.) I can't believe that many people fit into our little apartment. It was so much fun!