Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Boxer

I walked into the nursery and saw my little girl with a gash above her eye. What happened? She's okay. She got the edge of a table trying to pick up a piece of paper. I guess with a two year old I should've expected her to turn up with some kind of an "ouch."

Saturday, June 16, 2007

San Pedro Fish Market

Today we took the family and joined my parents and brother at the SPFM (refer to title of blog). Special occasions always merit good eating. Needless to say, several pounds of shrimp and a poor big fish later we were very satisfied. If you dare venture to the SPFM here are a few tips...
1) don't expect to eat right away 2) bring your own tapatio, or else you'll have to buy your own 3) bring some "wet-naps" or in our case we used baby wipes 4) bring some patience 5) don't sit too close to the karaoke set-up (which we'll see if David has any long term hearing impairments down the road) 6) bring cash...oh yeah, bring LOTS OF CASH 7) if you see a table, sit down think later 8) you must order the shrimp and bread, you'll be surprised how fast one loaf gets scarfed 9) don't worry about looking like a caveman while eating, look around...everyone is up to their elbows in the sauce 10) abandon all notions of using a fork.
If I can think of any other tips I will add them. If you want good, fresh seafood stop at the SPFM at least once while in LA.
Oh yeah, I forgot...if you're looking for a way to pay for the food, just have your daughter go up to sing her heart out at the karaoke station and she can score some cash from the on lookers. They're usually drunk, but I'll take a few extra bucks for a few minutes of karaoke. They must be between the ages of 7-14, the on lookers are more willing to give money if they're young and cute for trying.
Hopefully this was helpful.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Look at the spiky hair David is sporting.
Veronica says: Rica will hold 'em.
Mama says: Ok, go sit on the couch and you can hold David.
Veronica picks up her cup and climbs on the couch. She holds her arms out for David. Mama positions David on Veronica's lap so he will be supported and held. Veronica puts her arms around David, but never lets go of her cup.
David says: Wah wah wah.
Veronica says: You hold 'em.
Veronica quickly places her hands on David's back and pushes him away from her.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Group Picture

This is only one of SEVERAL pictures taken. How do kids always know when you want a photo with everyone smiling. You can't see Veronica's right hand...she was holding a paintbrush and wouldn't let go of it and kept looking down at it. Hannah was doing a good job holding little David, and Hailey had it after a few photos.

Idaho Falls

Cousins playing at the zoo.
Holding hands.
The greenbelt seems to be where all the geese are.

Jeff and Veronica at the greenbelt.