Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Looked over my shoulder...

Why do these strange people keep calling me "mom" and expect me to give them snacks?  The little one in the yellow top is especially demanding!
I love these people so much!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finally, Christmas

**Warning** Super long post to follow with lots and lots of pictures.

So, we kind of had a rough welcome into the Christmas break.  Almost a month of stomach bug woes, which entailed a lot of vomit, diarrhea, laundry in the middle of the night, laundry all the time, and scrubbing vomit off of carpet.  So, needless to say, we were ready for Christmas break to come around so we could get away from everything!  Thankfully, the kids were all in the clear before we made the journey, and journey it was, to Idaho Falls.  We make the trip every other year for Christmas.  I don't think I would mind if it wasn't a 2 whole days in the car driving sort of thing.  But with kids, we can't really force it or we would all be screaming and in tears.  We had DVD players, DS system, lots of blankets and snacks.  Jeff's sister, Mindy, lives in St. George and we crashed at their place.  It's sort of half way to our destination so it's a nice place to stop.  Plus, it's always so fun to stay there. And, this stop made for us meeting the newest Bird twinners!  I fell kind of in love with Oliver and Griffin, or maybe it was just the right amount of baby I needed to fill my baby void.  I loved holding them and right before we left I had a chance to hold both of them at the same time and I was a little overwhelmed and totally in awe of Mindy's charge.  We also had not seen our other nephews, Lincoln and Parker, in a while.  4 kids 3 and younger!  I actually got Lincoln to talk to me a few times, and that was kind of awesome for me because I feel like he doesn't see us often enough to really know us so it was fun that he didn't mind us invading his house.  Mindy and Jesse are such good hosts and so welcoming, we love you guys!
Once we finally made it to Idaho, freezing but no snow, we didn't really drive much - thankfully so!  The kids didn't understand why there wasn't any snow, but nature was rumbling and snow was had most of the time we were there it was either snowing or just snowed.  The kids loved that!  A snowman was built, just one and it by the time it came to build the head it was a bit small!  It was my way of working out while on vacation, building a snowman.  A couple of days after the snowman was built, I saw several children (including 3 of mine) delightfully kicking the poor snowman until it fell apart.  It was a bit disturbing but they were having so much fun that I had to laugh.  We went sledding and riding on fun and fast snow mobiles, Jeff and Veronica tried cross country skiing and I froze my buns the entire time.  I forgot my one and only "winter" coat and I don't have proper footwear for snow. 
It's nice to be with Jeff's family during this time of year.  Jeff's mom, Mary, made us incredible dinners every single night and always made sure she had fun things for the kids.  I think it's awesome how she had the kids make chocolate houses, and let them decorate them however they pleased (that is only an activity that a grandma can do...because as a parent I would be too annoying) and there was one night that she had them do carmel apples.  I think this is what Christmas is all about.  Not so much candy indulgence but spending time together as family and creating memories that are sweet and tender.  We did the traditional Enos family bowling, minus Mary because she volunteered to stay home with the babies (Violet and Logan). 

Christmas morning. Love this!
 Violet, Vanessa, Rosie and David.
 Violet helping grandma make baked oatmeal.  So good!
 Remnants of the snowman.

 David asked for a picture so long as it didn't show the pink snow pants.
 Just thought this was cool looking.
This is my adorable Matthew.  He's my nephew. I think he is the sweetest little guy!  I wanted to give him hugs all the time.
Angela, is in the background.  Jeff, David, Veronica and Hannah are also in the background.
 Jeff taking little Rosie and David on the sled.  Since we don't own snow clothes we borrowed a lot from the Kohler's.  David had to wear these pink snow pants.  After a lot of tears he finally agreed and had the best time after he wasn't freezing.  We didn't have the heart to tell him that the boots he was wearing were girl boots too.
Vanessa, Hailey, Hannah and Rose checking out the dog. Just looking at the dog made me shiver!
 I reminded Vanessa that she wanted to make a snow angel but then I took her mittens off and this otherwise happy occasion turned into a very cold and sad affair.  Sorry.

Rose with a very sticky, chocolate caramel apple.

I love this time of year because everything seems to slow down at night.  I loved being in Idaho because at night it was actually quiet!  I could listen to the snow, which is kind of beautiful.  If you haven't tried, you really should.  I love seeing family that I don't get to see very often - Rachel, Darrin and Logan Bronson; Tom, Angela, Hannah, Hailey, Matthew and Rosie Kohler; Mindy, Jesse, Lincoln, Parker, Griffin and Oliver Bird, and of course Craig and Mary.  I love Jeff's family and how everyone gets along.  I love all my neices and nephews!  I can't wait for when all the cousins are together!  Being in IF made me miss my parents and my brother and his family.  We celebrate differently but the memories that we are creating with each other are the same.  I love slowing down and being with family, whichever side they come from!  I did miss going to the LA Temple on Christmas Eve to see the lights and coming back and eating a late night pan con chumpe.  We did drive David and Veronica over to the Idaho Falls Temple, no lights but the river was semi-frozen and beautiful.  I hope we all had an amazing Christmas.  Where ever I am at the moment, so long as Jeff isn't far from sight I will have the most amazing Christmas.  He really is the best man for me.  I know I am the luckiest!  Jeff and my kids are my home, my safety and my life, so long as I have that close by me I am so blessed.