Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Violet looks so sleepy. This is after Church, really needs a nap but she looked cute in her flower and I wanted to snap a pic.

Vanessa just hanging out.

Really? She glows!

This beautiful baby is almost 7 months and I want to stop time right now. Realizing this is my last baby makes all these little moments so bittersweet.
My Violet weighed 16 lbs. 14 oz at 6 months and still wakes up anywhere between 2-3 times a night. Maybe this is Violet's way of forcing me to be awake more so I can take it all in. A couple of Sundays ago I set Violet down at Church and she started crawling forward! She had been scooting backwards for a month but figured out to go forward. Still not smooth but she can now go towards toys or little pieces of crap on the floors.
Violet is so playful and is full of smiles. I will catch her staring at her big brother...she loves David. Everyone loves this Violet to pieces and, if I let them, will carry her up and down the stairs. Violet totally fits right into place in our not-so-little family and I am so grateful for her. I love the way Violet's eyes squint when she smiles and how she stares when we talk to her. I can't wait for the coming months to watch her grow but I will take the time each day to hold her a little longer and steal a snuggle when she allows it.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Some catch-up from 2011 and our 2012.

We had a stay-cation for MLK. We went over to the Warner Marriott in Woodland Hills (10 minutes away)and jumped on the beds and went swimming. The best part...Jeff took 3/4 kids home with him while I stayed with Veronica and got to have a "quiet" night sleep. No Violet waking in the night 3 times or a snoring hubby or an early riser demanding breakfast.

Nothing like eating an apple in the hot tub! Violet loved the water, which is good.

Cutie Violet.

Vanessa peeling her 15th cutie of the night.

The kids were non-stop on the go. This was the longest I could get them to stop for a picture.

My sister-in-law, Angie, made a slideshow for Christmas. It was fun. Had all the family over to our house for Christmas Eve. The babies are missing, they were peacefully sleeping upstairs.

Candy Cane Lane with the family. This was more of a headache ... is it ever worth it with so many little people who want to be carried and want food ALL the time? I guess this picture shows that they are having some fun.

Jeff had to say goodbye to his little car. This is his birthday/Christmas gift for the next 5 years.

This handsome guy had a birthday in December. Love him.

This was before Christmas. Decorating sugar cookies for FHE.

Jeff went fishing with some of his buddies on the night before his birthday and caught all these rock crabs and lobster and picked these avocados from a tree. We had a wonderful feast for his birthday. Happy Birthday to my hard working Jeff.

Took the girls out for a ride in the trailer.

Violet is mobil these days! Not intentionally but still mobil. She moves backwards and ends up under the couch quite a bit. Forces me to try and keep our floors clean. So far I have just let her crawl all over a dirty floor.

Vanessa loves heels. I'm glad to share.

Trying peaches. Not too big of a fan.

Swingin' at the park

Can't stand how cute she is in this picture!

My Vanessa.

Am I a bad mom for hating to push my kids on the swings when it makes them so happy? To be honest, they become very demanding and eventual meltdowns stem from my declaration that after 20 mins I will no longer push. I have left many parks as a result of swings.