Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random pictures that Jeff takes. Vanessa has been so busy lately. Always looking around for the next drawer to open or bag to empty or books to knock off shelves.

So, I came home one day after picking up Veronica from school and there was a guy sitting in his car, infront of our gate. I was already annoyed at something that happened earlier and so I wasn't very patient and I honked and pointed for him to move out of the way so I could get in to park my car in our garage. Anyway, after we exchanged a few hand gestures he finally moved and I charged in...but my gate opener didn't work. So, I get out and try using my key to manually open the gate but that wasn't working either. Whatever. So, I get back in the car and find parking out on the street and go inside to find out that the power was out. It was out till about 8 that night. Veronica almost had a panic attack because she thought we would never have power again. It was kind of nice, no distractions. We had dinner by candle light...not very romantic. The kids had chocolate cupcakes for dessert and since it was dark we couldn't really see how messy they were getting.
Chocolate frosting facial. Yum!

I tried to get a cute picture but they were too busy playing to sit still.

Waiting outside Veronica's school.

Playing in the car while we wait for the bell to ring.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

So we had a some stuff going on just a couple of weeks ago and now things have settled down so I can take some time to blog.
Our ward was having a Mother/Daughter campout but luckily the threat of rain cancelled it. Instead, we headed over to the Relief Society president's house for a campout in her living room. Veronica loved it and I was more relieved that I didn't have to sleep on the ground or put a tent up.
The day after the campout we had a little party for David's 3rd birthday. The usual suspects were there. Lots of food and lots of fun. Thanks so much for all the love and presents.
I've been very diligent this month about potty training David. We've had major set backs but we both have committed to the process and are almost there...I hope! Note: Don't take a kid who is still getting used to the potty to Target if he has to pee. David was mortified at how loud the hand blower was (it was seriously like a vacuum cleaner but worst) and I finally managed to get him into the stall and sit him down and the toilet flushes (automatic flushers are not fun!) and freaks the kid out. He jumped off the seat and sprayed me all over. We came out of that bathroom very traumatized... I was sweating and peed on and David was scared and crying. Never again. But, onto more positive news, David has not worn diapers in almost 3 weeks.

Just being silly for the camera!

Sheena and big Jared. Vanessa doesn't know it, but Jared is going to be her body guard. They are about 2 months apart and I feel that they are going to be great friends. Good thing we like his parents!

One of the things I love about having our home is the gatherings we can have, especially around the table. Sharing good food and having a great time.

I think my parents were having a competition on who could stuff David's face with more cake. Seriously, look at David's face...it's priceless.

Little Vanessa loves her abuelo.

David was so excited to finally blow out the candles to his birthday cupcakes. Since his birthday was earlier in the week, he's been wanting cupcakes since.

Jeff came home from work with this monster Sugar Daddy that someone gave him for David's birthday.

Practicing their over-the-shoulder model looks.

David has been following Veronica everywhere and doing everything she does. I think he may need more friends to come over.

Since our 8th wedding anniversary is coming we decided it was time to get rid of our old mattress and get a new one. We saw these memory foam ones and had to get one. So, our tax return helped pay for it...now I just have to convince Jeff that we should get an actual bedframe or a headboard at least.

Friday, March 05, 2010

David turns 3!

David turned 3! I brought some cupcakes to the park for our playgroup and had a mini party for David. This was the best kind of party, just bring cupcakes and since we were at the park I didn't have to entertain the kids...and David didn't really care about decorations or anything so it was easy. I don't know if the other moms were too thrilled about the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting...he he.

It was a great day, perfect weather and a good amount of kids actually came. And then David saw the swings. It was fine until people got tired of pushing him and it was time to go. Let's just say that I will only go to a park without swings from now on.

Back to a more positive note...David had his 3 year check up. I am very proud to say that, according to the pediatrician, David is on target to being taller than me! He then informed me that he had to catch David up on his immunizations and so he was going to give him 4 shots. He took them all and not one tear or squirm. It's too bad he wasn't that good when I asked him to get off the swings in the park. We even had to get some blood drawn for him and again not a single tear or yell nothing! I was such a proud mommy of my little brave man. I almost forgot about the swing incident.

We're going to have a little bash for the birthday boy this Saturday so that my parents and his uncle and aunt can come celebrate. Always a good excuse to have good food and family together.

Dog pile on the slide.

Love that smile!

The bubble train was a huge hit! It sure beats having to stand there and blow out all those bubbles.

It took quite a show down for this to happen. He managed to "have his cake and eat it too" in every sense of the phrase. Such a little stinker!

Wacky Week

Thanks to Dr. Seuss, it was wacky week at school for Veronica.

Wacky hair day! That's as much as she let me do.

Wacky everything day! ANYTHING goes. She wore her clothes inside out and her rainboots.