Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Community Celebration and the Super Bowl...

Kindergarten update: Community Celebration. So the kids made communities out of recycled trash and they painted them and labeled them. They decided on the name of the city/town and decided what they wanted in their community. It was actually quite creative. It was quite a day, a rainy day to be more specific. Anyway, we finally left and as I was loading the kids into the car another mom gave me the "Been there ... I know you want to just get in the car and scream" look. I had to laugh and I did and I felt better. I failed to mention that as I was putting Vanessa in her car seat David decided it would be a good time to step into a gushing river that was flowing under our car and got his lower half soaked...and when I asked him to get out of it he flipped out and started crying. I guess I could have just let him soak himself and then taken off his wet clothes and had him sit in his diaper...in a car with a busted heater... Oh well. The crying makes him tired and then he sleeps the whole way home and I have only 1 baby crying not 2.

We had a super bowl party...since Jeff's team made it. We won't go further into what happened with the actual game.
Anyway, I thought I'd do some decorations and what nots...here goes.

Cool huh? Anyway, they were way good...I even made a football field out of the green paper they are sitting on.

Inserted these flags onto the mini footballs. It was cute.

9 months

Showing off her dimple.

For our activity/treat part of FHE we had an OREO eating contest. Vanessa won for getting more on her face than in her mouth.

Playing with David's book and Veronica's stuff...such a cutie!

So Vanessa is 9 months today. Just thought I'd document her achievements so far. Little Vanessa is a speedy crawler and has finally mastered the crawl and sit move. For a while there she would just crawl around but never knew how to sit from a crawl position...she would kind of wait there until someone noticed and sat her on her tush. Anyway, her favorite move is to take off to the stairs and as she's making her way towards the first step she'll throw me a glance that says, "Come and get me mom!" She hates whenever it's time for a diaper change, which is why it's like a wrestling match just to put on a clean diaper. Her favorite food is anything that isn't from a jar. She really likes chomping on pizza crust. It seems like all her teeth came in around the same time. Right around January I started noticing the tops coming in and they are all mostly in now, about 5 1/2 on top and 2 on the bottom. Vanessa gets scared easily yet loves it when Veronica carries her around, which scares me! She's undeniably a daddy's girl. Come 6pm, when Jeff usually comes home, she's very irritable and unhappy but as soon as she hears the front door open she knows daddy's home and only wants him. It's nice...but if he's home later than that she's a little nightmare to deal with. She's almost been out longer than she was in.
David's birthday is in 3 weeks and I will officially have a 5, 3 and almost 1 year old.