Thursday, November 10, 2011

Partial month in photos

Jack-O-Lanterns. The kids made the designs while the parents carved the designs on the pumpkins. It was fun and we roasted the pumpkin seeds which turned out great!

Picture with the pumpkins before bed.

Halloween night...finally! David as Mario, again! Veronica as Hermione in Harry Potter. Vanessa as a bee and Violet as a hot dog.

Our ward's Halloween party. This was the second time we had to get everyone dressed up.

At our friends' trunk or treat. This was the "dress rehearsal" to Halloween night. First night of dressing up in costumes.

At the school Halloween parade. Dressing up now for the 3rd time!

Veronica with some of her classmates.

Proud parent of a winner of the Award of Excellence for the month of October. Don't ask me what that means...I guess she's excellent! I agree.

Violet has taken to partially covering her face when she sleeps.

The Vidaurre family with my adorable neice, Layla.