Saturday, June 28, 2008

SM Pier

The Santa Monica Pier has become one of our favorite places. It's on the beach so it's nice and cool and it's becoming more family friendly. When I was growing up it didn't have nearly as much fun and cool stuff for kids, the ferris wheel was it. There are tons of rides and games and just walking around is fun. Jeff took a day off on Thursday so we headed to the pier to have some good family time. We got Veronica a day pass so she could get on all the rides as many times as she wanted. It was fun.

On our way out, I guess a car backed into a guy in a truck. The truck guy got out of his car and rushed the car and started going gangsta', yelling and kicking the car door. Anyway, truck guy was yelling about his truck then the car guy got out and the passenger got out and they started chasing truck guy. A few minutes later they came back and were still yelling at each other, having nothing resolved, the 2 got in their car and drove off and left truck guy standing in the parking lot with a dent in his bumper. It was pretty funny.

She spent most of the time against the wall.

Watching Veronica on a ride.

This makes me dizzy just looking at it, but she seemed to enjoy it.

Pool Party

The weather here is starting to get HOT. I mean, you don't even want to go outside kind of hot. We went to a pool party and had fun. We're still trying to get the kids to like going in the pool. So far it's been very unsuccessful. David clings to whoever is holding him and Veronica just won't go in and if she does it's the same deal as David, very clingy and scared.

Still unsure about the pool.

Having a picnic in the treehouse.

This was taken after David took a little splash in the pool. He's looking at the pool and thinking, "it wasn't that bad."

That looks like a healthy lunch. How does she keep that little figure!?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Preschool interview...

We had an "interview" at the school that Veronica might be attending. It's a school right on our block and it's pretty ghetto, like our neighborhood, but it's free and it's 4 days a week. We figure the school system can't possibly be that bad, it's preschool! It's an SRLP or something like that. When I first went to the school to ask questions they basically told me that the kids that spoke spanish were given top priority. Since then I've been telling Veronica that she needs to speak more spanish so that she can go to school. Anyway, a week ago they were "interviewing" the parents, but it was mainly an informational meeting about the expectations they have of the parents and their involvement in the program. They didn't even really care if the kids were there. I spent the whole day before drilling Veronica on her spanish, thinking they would ask her questions in spanish or anything...but they didn't. Phew! I just hope that she gets in, it would be nice for her to have the social interaction with the kids and have a teacher/student understanding. So far all she gets is Primary. Who knows, maybe she'll start talking more spanish, that would be awesome! She is so excited to go to school, and always talks about it whenever we walk by the school.

In front of the school doors. Pretty ghetto with the cross bars on the windows. That's good old Winnetka Elem.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Poop and Dodgers...

My dad got us tickets to see the Dodgers play. I dressed the kids in their Dodger gear and we were off to the stadium. About 5 minutes before we arrived at the stadium I smelled poop. Jeff and I both figured that David had pooped, since he just downed 10 oz. of milk. Anyway, the smell went away for a bit and then it started to smell again and more intense. This is what happened next.
Jackie: That stinks! I hope it's not leaking out of his diaper.
Jeff: (turns around to see David) Yep it's all over!
Jackie: (turn around) David no! Don't touch that!
Once I turned around I saw David calmly sitting there with poop all over his leg and hands. He apparently thought it a good idea to touch his poop and then sort of rub it on his legs. It was pretty nasty, I almost hurled. At this point I don't know what to do because my diaper bag is in the trunk and nothing was within reach. I had a hold of David's hands and managed to find a box of tissues. When we finally pulled into the parking lot we threw the trunk open and made a make shift changing station. Stripped David, all while holding his hands together so he wouldn't touch anything with his poopy hands, and de-funked him. I only had a water bottle with ice in it so the poor kid had to have and ice bath in our trunk. While I was de-pooping David, Jeff was de-pooping his carseat. It was so gross.
Anyway, the game wasn't that bad. I was expecting a miserable time, but it was actually almost fun (except for the whole playing with poop thing). My parents were there so they handled the kids. My dad likes to spoil Veronica so she got cotton candy and sat next to abuelo the whole time.

Jeff sharing twizzlers with the boy.

He's so affectionate sometimes.

This is after Veronica took a little fall on her chair. Lucky abuelo is there to comfort her with cotton candy and pink foam finger.

The family all dressed up in their dodger blue. We look pretty tough, eh?

Time to go home. Can you see David's bling?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bonding time...

Veronica loves to help out in the kitchen...whenever I allow it. Usually I let her help with cookies and cupcakes and sometimes with dinner. I've found that if she helps with dinner she is more willing to eat it because she has helped.
Anyway, she loves when I make cookies, especially because she can taste everything. She likes the sugar and butter and chocolate chips and mixed all together she's in heaven.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

You're such a great dad! Our kids are so lucky, just look at this picture and it says it all. Who else can be silly in just the right way to make those kids smile and adore you. I'm so lucky to know that when I go away for a few hours that our kids are safe and happy and loved.

Here's a shout out to my dad. He's such a great abuelo. We love you!

This is the only picture I have of you Craig! This was back over a year ago. Anyway, you have been such a great example for Jeff to follow, thank you so much. We love you!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

David trying on some shoes. I think they may be too big.

I signed up Veronica for a ballet class once a week at the YMCA. I thought she might enjoy it. Today was her first day of class and all the little girls were wearing something similar to what Veronica has on, they all looked so darling. Veronica spent the first half of the class talking to the girls that were standing behind her on the bar. Some of the girls weren't really interested in what Veronica had to say because they actually wanted to watch and listen to the instructor. The second half of the class, Veronica looked around the room and discovered that there were mirrors all around and got a kick out of looking at herself and "how pretty I look with pink!" I think she may have paid attention for a total of 5 minutes out of the hour. It's only once a week, so hopefully she will be better next week and hopefully the instructor isn't too annoyed by my little social butterfly. She did look adorable in her leotard, she's just so darn skinny that she doesn't fill out the back of it - wish I had that problem! Little girls were just meant for ballet.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to me...

I had a birthday a couple of weeks I am venturing into my late 20's. I turned 27! Not too much of a significant birthday, as far as my age is concerned. Jeff and the kids made my birthday special, I love my family so much. We had my parents and brother over for lunch and cake. Jon's, a local grocery store, has this awesome chocolate layered cake. I can't even describe it but it is so spectacular! It looks a bit like tiramisu and has the texture but it is chocolate and then a cream and other stuff, so so good! Anyway, good birthday! Thanks to everyone who so thoughtfully thought of me during this day, love you! I'm the picture taker in our family so there aren't any pictures of the fun that was had, but believe me there was fun and it was had!

Veronica wanted her make-up put on so she could take a picture. I didn't know this is what she had in mind.