Friday, February 29, 2008

In all my preparations for this big night, I forgot my camera. So this will have to do until Sheena can send me the one picture we managed to snap during the whole night.
We decided that it would be fun and new to go to Hollywood on LA's public transportation as to not deal with infamous LA traffic. We headed towards the bus station and realized that the map we had was inaccurate as far as parking is concerned. We drove around looking for parking and couldn't find it so we had to back track to the station that we were for sure had parking. We made it. Then we had to ride the bus to the metro station where we would get on LA's underground subway system. (When Jeff and I were in Mexico City on vacation we used the metro to go everywhere and I loved it. ) Once we arrived in Hollywood we were right in front of the Pantages Theatre. We had about 20 minutes before it started so we headed towards a place to eat. We ended up at a Baja Fresh where I think I inhaled half a burrito and a lot of salsa. My stomach wasn't too happy with my disregard for chewing my food, but we didn't want to be "those" people that walk in late and have to crawl over everyone. Oh yeah, funny story, there was this guy at Baja Fresh sitting next to us and I guess Jeff thought he left and decided to take the magazine that the guy was reading. I told Jeff that maybe he wasn't gone but Jeff took it anyway. Suddenly the guy comes, grabs the magazine and just sits down. He didn't say anything but we all were a bit embarrassed. A few minutes later the guy apologized for being rude and then we apologized and it was all good. It was funny though. We made it and it was AWESOME. I loved it. I think I may even go again. Maybe. Is it bad that I didn't really think about the kids until it was over?
We just missed the metro, so we had to wait about 10 minutes then when we got to the bus station we could see the bus loading as we waited at a red light. Once the light turned green the bus pulled off. That meant that we had to wait an extra 20 minutes for the other bus to arrive. At this point of the evening I was cold and had an upset stomach but still happy from watching Wicked. I was also hoping that Veronica was sleeping and not staying up as late as possible. Luckily they were all sleeping. Fun evening.

Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm way excited for Thursday night. Why you may ask. Wicked! Jeff and I are going with our friends, Mat and Sheena. We're leaving the kids and having a grown up night out. I'm really looking forward to it. I've been reading reviews and they are all great...I can't wait.

As I blog, I can hear Veronica bossing David around.
Veronica: Focus David, focus! You have to be patient. Focus!
Those famous words can be heard in public restrooms, when I'm trying to get Veronica to do her business in a timely manner. I was in a bathroom with her for 15 minutes once. She kept talking about the toilet paper and the design of the floor and I was telling her that she needed to focus all while whispering to myself to be patient. It's funny now.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Valentine's Day Post

Jeff had to be in San Diego for the week of Valentine's Day, he made it back in time for the evening. Jeff surprised us with flowers that were delivered in the morning and then we took the kids to Panda Express. The night before we made chocolate chip cookies for Jeff, but in all honesty they were mostly for me and the kids...we are cookie monsters. Veronica helped me with the cleaning, or better put, she helped lick the cookie dough off of everything. I love it when she helps, it teaches me patience.

Veronica wanted 2 of the pink roses.

This is her putting her flowers in her very own cup of water. I told her that the flowers were thirsty and needed to drink water so they could open up.

We made heart necklaces. As you can see by Veronica's necklace, she didn't want to share all the big hearts because she's a big girl not a baby.

The LA Zoo

While Jeff was away on one of his trips for work I ventured out with some ladies from our ward. We went to the zoo. I like the monkeys, they are always up to something silly. It was actually sort of fun for me as well as the kids.

Most of the really cool animals were either sleeping or not visible. This koala was especially cute, but check out those claws...wouldn't want to be that tree.

These were the more "active" kids in the group. Ok, there were only 5 kids total, and 2 were in strollers the whole time, but I think that was plenty. Logan, Veronica and Caitlyn. They decided that playing in a photo booth was a lot cooler than looking at the animals.

Logan and Veronica. They go way back, since their days in Nursery. They love to play together. They are having a Dippin' Dots break. More like they took 4 bites and ran off to chase each other and the mothers ate the rest of their ice cream.

That's a huge monkey sitting right by the glass.

Ok, when Veronica saw this picture she said, "Mommy your face is brown and I have a white face. That's so silly." Seriously, look how dark I look compared to my little doll face. AND look at how scary that spider is and it's pretty disturbing that it's eating the fly. Good thing most kids are oblivious.

You can't tell from the picture but David was not too happy about being strapped into that stroller the whole time. Veronica is trying to make him happy. She's a really good big sister.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here are my ABC's

Thank you Jenny for tagging me. This isn't as bad as the ones where I have to think a lot, I don't like to do that too often. My thoughts are pretty simple these days.

A-attached or single? Attached

B-best friend? Jeff

C-cake or pie? I have recently discovered Marie Callendar's pies... yum! Razzleberry and the Lemon Cream are amazing.

D-day of choice? Friday

E-essential item? Since I had kids...BABY WIPES! They are perfect for any mess.

F-favorite color? Royal blue and purple

G-gummy bears or worms? Soft gummy bears, especially the clear ones.

H-hometown? Los Angeles

I-favorite indulgence? Chocolate chip cookies

J-January or July? July, but I don't really like the terrible heat.

K-kids? yes...2, does Jeff count?

L-life isn't complete without? Family/friends and good food

M-marriage date? July 19, 2002

N-number of brothers and sisters? 1 older brother

O-oranges or apples? Definitely oranges, but I do love the green sour apples.

P-phobias and fears? Bothering people or asking for favors.

Q-quote? Michael Scott from The Office"Negotiations are all about controlling things. About being in the driver's seat. And make one tiny mistake, you're dead. I made one tiny mistake. I wore woman's clothes."
Dwight Shrute from The Office "Studies show that more information is passed through watercooler gossip than through official memos, which puts me at a disadvantage because [picks up water bottle] I bring my own water to work."

R-reason to smile? Waking up and having David smile at me, when Veronica says "I love you mommy" out of the blue, Jeff going to work every day so I can be there to watch my kids grow.

S-season of choice? I guess that depends on where I was. I loved spring and fall when I lived in Provo. Now that I live here in LA, I love whatever isn't nasty hot, I guess we call that "winter" here.

T-tag 3 people. Katie, Mindy, Angela (yeah, I know you have 2+ kids, so if you don't do it I won't be offended.

U-unknown fact about me? I've never had my own room and I used to be addicted to eating limes.

V-vegetable? I don't get I a vegetable? Yes! Which one do I like...all.

W-worst habit? Lately, blogging for ridiculous amounts of time when I should be sleeping.

X-x-ray or ultrasound? Never had an x-ray, only ultrasounds for the babies.

Y-your favorite food? I can't pick one. Probably Chinese, but only in the cute little take-out containers- seriously it tastes better.

Z-zodiac Sign? Gemini

Monday, February 11, 2008


I mentioned in a prior post that Veronica had picked out her school outfit. She picked it out but she's not in school. She will hopefully be in a pre-school this coming fall, if we can get her in. Some of your comments asked if she was going to school. She always talks about going to school but she's not in school yet. Sorry if I confused anybody.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hanging out
David loves watching American Idol. He was agreeing with Simon on this one.
David always turns and sits in front of the TV when there's a musical's very cute!
Veronica finally decided on her first day of school outfit.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Santa Monica Pier

She's all smiles now.
Playing on the beach... he managed 3 sandy fists in his mouth.
Here we are on the ferris wheel overlooking Santa Monica Beach. It was such a beautiful day, we just had to get outside and enjoy the beach.

People say it doesn't snow in southern California, well here's the proof it least in the mountains. It was so clear today we could see the San Bernardino Mountains, topped with snow from our recent winter "storms." It's so awesome to see the snowy mountain tops with the palm trees all around.

Some more of the mountains in the background, while we're in the ferris wheel.

Having a snack. Hey Veronica! Share with your little brother.

While we were in line for the ferris wheel I believe we had a celebrity sighting. It's always exciting to finally see a celebrity, since we do live in LA. I haven't really watched Prison Break, but am familiar with the main guys on it. So, there was this guy who looked like Dominic Purcell. I didn't want to go up to him while he was trying to spend some time with his kids and ask for a picture and be totally embarrassed if it wasn't I layed low and tried to get a picture, without him knowing. I managed a very blurry picture and there is a bar that is blocking his face. Before he got on this ride he put his sunglasses on but I am 97% sure it was him.
Jeff also wants me to note that he had a celebrity encounter while he was in Hawaii. The following is from Jeff's point of view. I was in the Honolulu Airport and this guy came up to me and asked if I was a LA Clippers fan. I happened to be wearing a Clippers jacket, that is probably why he asked. We started talking about the Clippers and I kept wondering if this guy was someone famous. I mentioned to him that he looked like Paul Walker from that movie...I can't remember the name of the movie, and that he probably got that a lot. He just said yeah. We walked to the security gate and were standing in line and some people turned to him and said, we're fans can we get a picture with you Paul Walker. So, Jeff was talking sports with Paul Walker, in Hawaii! Pretty cool.