Sunday, August 30, 2009

The heat is on!

A picture of our new place. Still trying to figure out where to put things.

David has been crashing in the weirdest places.
Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Headed to Zuma 4 with our ward play group. This time around there were 3 moms and 8 kids. I don't know why I do it...maybe it's for the quiet car ride back when all the kids are exhausted from playing and they are all sleeping. It's very relaxing to drive in a quiet car.

The kids all packed into our snug backseat. Good thing about having them so close together is that if Vanessa starts crying the other two keep her occupied and happy. Love it! It's definitely a task to get them all in.

That's as close as David wanted to get to the water.

Veronica doing her usual beach thing: filling buckets with sand and water.

Vanessa relaxing at the beach.

Veronica's new haircut. I think she looks awesome with the new cut. Perfect for school.

Back to the beach, but this time Jeff came along. Yes...these kids do have a dad!

The girls in their feet pajamas.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

new stunt

Vanessa has been trying to impress us with her latest trick. I think it's cool and annoying. It's annoying because now I can't lay her down without her taking off. I think she really wants to roll off our bed or the couch even. She even tries to flip over while she's in her swing. Mobil babies are trouble...cute but still trouble. Poor girl even wakes herself up because she wants to roll over, so I have to tuck blankets by her side so she has something stopping her.

Friday, August 14, 2009

San Diego

I can't really remember the last time we (kids and I) joined Jeff for one of his many work trips but he said he was going to San Diego and we tagged along.
I love visiting San Diego, it's such a great place to visit.

Anyway, we stayed in Downtown right on the Marina. I guess one of Jeff's people is a Platinum Marriott Rewards member so he hooked us up with keys to the Concierge Lounge where we had an unlimited supply of breakfast, drinks, happy hour snacks, and late night desserts. It was pretty nice.

I didn't take many pictures...everytime I'd go to pull the camera out I realized the batteries were dead. So, you'll just have to take my word for it.

Here's an example of a hook up from Jeff's people. They pulled some strings and we ended up on a boat checking out the sights. It's free and something the kids really enjoyed it.

That's Downtown S.D. in the back, so beautiful.

Right before we took off. David was a bit skeptical but managed to have a good time looking around.

This picture is my favorite. During the boat ride, Vanessa was wide awake for the first 2 minutes then I guess the sound of the motor or the waves put her right to sleep. Anyway, she's a thumb sucker and this picture is proof. It's so cute. She slept and woke up as soon as we "parked" the boat...what does one say ...I guess it would be dock.

We took a walk to the shops on the Marina. The kids enjoying some cookies from the Concierge Lounge...I was sneaking water bottles and cookies and pretzels all the time!