Friday, April 15, 2011

Our LONG week

We started the week rather slowly...with nothing much going on except free ice cream on Tuesday from Ben & Jerry's. Easy week, right? What could possibly ruin this week?

Then Wednesday came along and I smashed my thumb in my car door. Smart, huh? Later in the day, after I picked up Veronica from school, my car decided that it was not going to start. We've been expecting this but were putting off fixing it until I had all the kids with me, with no water or snacks, in the middle of the afternoon. I called our tow service and they took our car to the mechanic shop and thought I'd be without a car for a couple of we did the logical thing and rented a car for a couple of days. Luckily, there was a park across the street and we just hung out there until Jeff came to rescue us.Anyway, I left our garage door opener in the car so we went by the shop later in the day, literally 2-3 hours after the tow truck took the car, and the car was fixed. Were they going to call to let us know? Whatever, so, now we have this rental to take back. Wow, a little annoying that we rented the car but we were able to take it back with minimal damage to our checkbook...and we drove home. Now we're done, right? I get home the next morning from dropping off Veronica at school and I park the car in the garage. I get out and hear something dripping. I go towards the sound and look under the car and there is fluid leaking from inside the car. Great! Turns out the engine coolant had leaked all over. Great. Drive the car to the mechanic and found that the container that holds the engine coolant had a bunch of cracks in it and was the cause of the leakage. Leave the car and walk home with Vanessa and wait for the car guy to call. Wait and wait...finally we call and they say it's fixed. Were they even going to call? Whatever...I'm just grateful they fixed it that quickly. Now, it's finally Friday and I'm exhausted.

Here's to spring break this coming week! I welcome nothing planned in the immediate future.

Lesson learned: When life hands you lemons,

...make lemonade.

Friday, April 01, 2011


...this is NOT an April Fool's Day gag...just a funny thing... During Christmas, all 4 of my sisters-in-law (Jeff has 3 sisters and my brother's wife) were all pregnant. And 3 of those sisters-in-law were due in March. Oh yeah, did I mention that I am pregnant too!? Anywho, what are the chances of that happening? Jeff's sister, Mindy, had her baby February 23rd...a beautiful baby boy. Jeff's other sister, Angela, had her baby March 22nd...a beautiful baby girl. My brother's wife, Angie, had her baby March 23rd...a beautiful baby girl. Mindy was due sometime in March but she delivered her 1st 6 weeks early so they were kind of expecting their 2nd to be early as well. Big boy too! Angie's baby was close to 2 weeks post-due date... and a long 2 days in the hospital just waiting for her to make her appearance. Angela, had her baby, which is her 4th, at home...I think in one of those birthing pools. Rachel, Jeff's youngest sister, is expecting her 1st baby in June and she's having a boy. And it appears that I'm due at the end of July and will be having a girl. A lot of changes in the past few months and in the coming months. It certainly makes me laugh because the chances of this happening are slim but it's nice to have all these babies in the family. 2011 is definitely a mini "baby-boom" in our extended families.

Baby Layla and Baby Rose...I couldn't get a pic. of Baby Parker to upload. I'm anxious for Rachel to have her baby and for an Enos family get together to see the newest cousins. Nothing but fun and chaos at the next family get together.