Thursday, September 20, 2012

School Daze

The kids started school, really early this year.  
August 15, 2012
David is officially in Kindergarten and Veronica is a big 3rd grader!  What?  Seriously, don't know when this happened?  First day of school was kind of a logistical nightmare.  I had to be at 2 different campuses at the exact same time.  K and 3rd grade are in different campuses, crazy, right?  So, I dropped Veronica off and then I ran out of there and back in the car, a few blocks away, and drove like a mad woman over to David's school.  We were only 10 mins. late to his first day of school.  What a way to start. 
David mentioned to me that he was excited but a little nervous to start school.  My sweet little guy just melts my heart.  
Anyway, they both seemed to have amazing days.  
Interesting difference with Veronica and David.  Ever since preschool, Veronica has always been almost annoyed when I picked her up from school.  She's always been independent and likes having her own thing, so when I was there to pick her up she would almost be mad and wouldn't divulge anything about her day.  Still acts like that today.  Then there's David, who enjoys going off and doing fun things but loves being home.  When I picked him up from his first day of preschool, he was happy and actually happy to see me and ready to tell me all about his day.  He still does that.  
I'm glad they both are doing well in school and like it.

Mom, can you stay until I see my friends?  Then you can go!  Hurry, go!!

Quick pic before we ran to take David to his campus. Long day!

Nervous smile.

Okay, this isn't so bad.  Ready to conquer the world mom, go home. I'll be alright.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So, I just got home from a church meeting, enrichment, and the topic was about writing things down.  I was listening, and decided to go through some of my pics and do some blog updating.  
July 23, 2012
Vanessa was being a typical 3 year old...balancing herself on the kitchen table and chair while I prepared lunch for the hungry kids.  Anyway, she was sitting on Violet's booster chair and leaning on the table, but the chair wasn't against the table so there was some space there.  I had her lunch ready and asked her to sit so she tries to scoot herself forward and her grip slipped off the table and she face planted on the floor.  Tile floor.  I picked her up, because I was literally right next to her, and saw blood.  Lot's of blood.  I washed her off and then saw her lip.  It was pretty gnarly.  Is that even a word?  Anyway, I did my best to clear it so I could for sure see how bad it was and it was pretty split.  It kind of goes further in than the picture shows.  Anyway, after freaking out and calling/emailing/texting Jeff - with no response - I decided to take her to her pediatrician and he recommended stitches.  I didn't really feel like hauling the whole crew to the ER so I called a lady from the ward and got her advice, her husband is a fireman, and she volunteered to watch the other kids while I reluctantly headed to the ER.  Let me just give big props to the West Valley Med. Center ER, I was in and out in less than 2 hours!!  They came in and cleaned up the wound, with this little squirt thing and after the nurse had done that I could really see how deep it was.  So, the decision to get stitches seemed to be the right one.  The doc came in and explained how they would do the procedure, which included a swaddle and 4 hands holding down arms and head.  I can't imagine how they expect a kid to willfully be restrained with a sheet and then be held down?  I get the concept, don't want flailing and kicking while sharp things are being used.  I get it.  But kids don't.  Anyway, Vanessa is one tough cookie.  I explained the swaddle, we play around swaddling kids at home but it's fun and they enjoy it.  I also told her she could watch cartoons during the whole thing, we just needed to make sure she didn't kick.  I knew she'd be okay because she's been surprisingly unphased by shots, a little squirm and teary eyes but no screaming or kicking.  So, we swaddled her and she kind of thought that was fun, but she was still serious, then I held her arms and the nurse held her head.  She quietly watched cartoons while the doc gave her the numbing shots, which Vanessa handled pretty good.  I made the mistake of watching the first injection and realized that I was gripping her arms pretty tight.  I released my death grip, watched the t.v. and tried not to look.  When the doc said he was starting the stitches I stupidly turned to watch, mostly to make sure Vanessa was okay, and again as he began "stitching" I could feel myself squeezing Vanessa's little arms so tight.  I then focused on Vanessa's eyes as she watched her cartoons and realized that Vanessa was fine.  She is one tough cookie.  Doc finished, kept saying how he's never had a kid so small not even make a peep.  I think I kind of got a glimpse of my little Nessa all grown up.  She's sweet and goofy but she's strong.  Not the bad kind of strong, where she doesn't let anyone help her but the kind of strong where she knows that things or pain don't last forever.  I think I cried more during the whole procedure than Nessa did from the fall to the ER.  Anyway, I love my Nessa.  She is such a good example and I am so grateful for this experience, though not one I want to do again any time soon.

Monday, September 10, 2012

On the move

She started walking about a week ago.  She still crawls everywhere but if we hold her hand she'll walk a good amount.  She seems to know that someone is willing to pick her up and take her wherever she wants.