Wednesday, April 23, 2008

go Dodgers!

My brother has been saying that he was going to take Veronica to a Dodger game and he finally got the courage to do it. Veronica didn't want to admit it but I know that she was really excited to go. She was practically pushing us out the door so she could head out with her tio (uncle in spanish) in his "bumble bee car". When she was delivered safely home she told us she ate fruit snacks and cotton candy for dinner. She's allowed some spoiling from her tio. Thank you tio, admit it, you had a fun time!

I asked Veronica to eat some beans for lunch, since she was probably going to eat junk at the
Dodgers game. She actually ate them!

Here she is with that cotton candy.

I don't know where she is...can you explain tio?

I guess she's in some car shop that tio helps out in.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

mango salsa

I was so proud of my dinner I had to take a picture. Lately I've been super craving salsa so I went to the grocery store and they had mangos 3 for $1 so I made mango salsa. Super yummy and it makes plain chicken breast really good.

Here is something that happened last night while we were watching American Idol (which David Cook rocked by the way). Veronica was playing in front of the a/c and I could here her pushing buttons. So, I asked her what she was doing and she showed me the remote control for the a/c. So then began the following back and forth...

Me: Veronica, didn't I tell you that you were not supposed to play with that remote?
Veronica: Yeah.
Me: (being stern) Well, what are you doing with it?
Veronica: (very matter of factly) Being naughty.

How could I possibly continue my sterness. She quickly put it away and we all laughed.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

David's first haircut

Since it was so hot this weekend Jeff felt pretty badly about David's hair being so long and we ventured to give him a haircut. I think he looks pretty darn cute in a mohawk so I decided we should give him a true mohawk. The haircut lasted about 5-10 minutes with Jeff holding David's head for the majority of the time. It's a bit uneven but it looks a lot better now that he doesn't have all the hair around his ears. I do some before, during and after.

BEFORE...Look at that hair.


DURING...Do I look way too excited/psycho to be holding such a sharp object so close to my baby's head? David is having second thoughts as well.

AFTER... pretty sweet!

This is the back.

Lana's party!

On Saturday Lana had her birthday party. Lana is Veronica's friend, they have a love/hate relationship. It's actually funny when they get along because it could take literally one minute before they are yelling and eventually crying. It was in the upper 90s, yeah that was pretty nasty but the party was fun. She's such a cute girl and we love her!

This just happened. It was pretty funny, she just started pointing to her birthday sign and posing...too cute!

Lana and Veronica enjoying some birthday cake.

Realizing she had a bit too much cake.

All the kids that are Lana lovers. I would also like to point out Lana and David...could this be a possible love connection? They both locked in on each other, maybe Lana is just wondering what else David could fit in his mouth. Anyway, it was a cute little observation.

Monday, April 07, 2008


Jeff took a day off work today and we went to the park with the kids. Check out the pictures, nothing too impressive just wanted to post with pictures.

David still likes to put a lot of things in his mouth, sand is no exception. I don't know what we are going to do once it's beach season.

I seem to get a lot of pictures of David's back as he walks away. He is getting so much better at walking, which is good because he is getting too heavy to carry around.

He was acting really cute and I asked him to look and he turned away.

Veronica loves the slides lately and David not so much.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

IKEA Crazy!

We were over at the Tanigawa's last night for Monopoly and as the night came to an end Sheena and I thought it would be fun to go to IKEA for their $5o gift card giveaway. They were giving away gift cards to the first 100 people there. So we started throwing out times of when we should go so we could have a chance at getting one of those gift cards. The store opens at 10am and it was advertised in a flier so we thought 6am. Then we kept talking and bumped it to 5am then for some reason we decided it would be a great idea to leave at 430AM! We committed ourselves and left, knowing that in less than 5 hours we would be headed towards IKEA for the chance at getting a $5o gift card. Jeff, the kids and I got home at around 1130pm and didn't get into bed until close to 1am, so what ...that left 3 hours of miserable sleep. I picked Sheena up at 430AM and when we got there we were about the 7th or 8th ones there. We pulled out some chairs and sat for the next several hours. Long story short...we ended up with bright yellow wristbands with the numbers 11 & 12 on them! This is only the second time that I've lined up for something and this was pretty big being there that early. It's almost 8pm now and I am exhausted. Thanks Sheena for saying you would go and actually making me get up that early. Hope you were able to have some serious nap time you "haole-pino."

Friday, April 04, 2008


We joined our local YMCA. I know, it's such an "old" thing to do. But we discovered that there are so many cool things about it...I'll list in order of importance:
1. Child Watch- Pretty much babysit your kids for 2 hours while you use the facilities.
2. Lots of fun dance/gymnastics classes for Veronica.
3. They actually have a nice gym, 3 gyms actually.
4. Not a lot of those "gym rats" that are on steroids or those people that are there to check out other people...I hate that.
5. Lots of treadmills, which is a definite plus for Jeff.
6. An indoor swimming pool.
7. Did I mention Child Watch? They watch your kids for 2 hours!
Oh yeah, it's way family oriented which is cool. It's nice to know that while Jeff and I are doing our exercise that our kids are having fun. We've been going everyday now for over a week. David still has a hard time when we drop him off but today when I picked him up he was playing with some of the kids and not being so teary. Veronica has a hard time when we have to leave, she has cried or put up a fight everyday now. We bribe her with gum. Jeff is trying to train for the LA Marathon that is in March '09 and so far he is doing really good. I still am amazed at how he can just run and he actually enjoys it. I wish I had a little of his self-motivation when it comes to running, I just don't like it but I know that it will help me to not jiggle so much. This coming month I am going to register Veronica for a ballet class, a gymnastics class and a tap class. I think she would love least I hope she does.
No pictures but I'll post some random ones that I have around.

I made a this chicken thing with fresh basil and tomatoes with paremesan cheese on top. It was pretty so I took a picture of it.

This is a video of Veronica on an up and down ride. She is in the middle and I would like to apologize if I make you sick with my awesome video skills...yeah I didn't realize I was moving the camera so much.