Friday, June 18, 2010

a little sunshine

The girls going down the slide. Sorry I cut off Veronica's head in this shot...but Vanessa looks so excited.

After a long day, the 2 little ones fell asleep on the couch...this wasn't staged, it actually happened like this.

Veronica has loved going to the park since she was Vanessa's age.

She actually filled the cup with some sand and drank was gross and she stopped trying to "drink" out of the cup.

Friday, June 11, 2010

June Happenings...

Veronica talking on the phone with a school friend. They read Fancy Nancy and told jokes. Funny girls!

The children being reverent. Vanessa likes to do everything her brother and sister do. Hopefully she'll emulate only the good things.
BTW: doesn't Vanessa just look like trouble with that hair in her face?!

She loves to get into EVERYTHING! I hate it! The other two never did it...looks like I'm going to have to start putting locks on everything.

The 2 blondies are mine...he he...j/k. David, Ally, Vaughn and Veronica hanging out eating ice cream. We hung out with the Zollingers last week while they were in town visiting family. Veronica started babysitting Ally when she was a little newborn. We had a 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year old there. Veronica always enjoys being the boss and telling the little kids what they are going to play and how they will play it. I wonder where she gets it from...certainly not me!

Ally would pose everytime I pulled the camera out...Good job Adam on training her to pose!

We had a girls night again. Jeff took David to another Dodgers game. We watched Enchanted and had a picnic while we watched the movie.

I caught David being cute!


Getting all 3 in the bath...not really such a good idea. Lots of fighting for the best tub positioning and the bucket. They seem to enjoy it though...