Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer is here.

I know I'm crazy but I love the beach and figured I would pack up the car and the kids, 3 now, and head out to the beach. I had to plan ahead and pack for a couple of days so that I could just take it easy that morning and not be out there without something that I needed. It turned out well and I was pretty amazed at how organized I was...up until we got there and I couldn't find anything. If I did find it ... it was covered in sand. We had fun.

David checking out a sand crab. He sat next to me the majority of the time. His idea of going to the beach is not wearing a shirt and eating snacks next to mommy.

Vanessa's first trip to the beach...she slept the whole time.

Veronica doing what she does best...using her imagination and "creating" cakes and ice cream.

Jeff went to Hawaii for work and brought back some souveniers. The kids look so tan you'd think they went with him.

Vanessa loves to lay on Veronica's lap. Good thing Veronica loves having her rest her head on her.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


When we found out that we were pregnant with Vanessa it kind of forced us to rethink our living situation. We were living in a one bedroom apartment with Veronica and David sleeping in toddler beds out in the living room. We figured we could stay there for a little while longer since it was so expensive to rent a bigger place. BUT, things all changed when we knew that #3 was going to come. We simply didn't have space and ventured into the world of house hunting. Due to an unfortunate incident, that I will spare details and won't even mention what it is (some of you may know what I'm talking about), we had to downsize our first home. Anyway, we found a really good realtor and we went to work on looking for a home that would fit our needs and came across this townhouse and made an offer. We were rejected and they took another offer but that fell through and we made a second offer and were rejected again! THey took another offer and that one fell through and this time we kept the same offer and figured if they were desperate enough they would take ours and they were and they did! It took quite some time to actually get to the point where we had the keys but it finally came and now we own something! The way the housing market is it is going to be slightly less for the mortgage than it would be to rent a 2 bedroom apartment...crazy, huh? Anyway, we certainly got lucky and we're so grateful for everyone who helped and supported us with this. It's funny because when Jeff and I first moved out here to LA we thought we would never own a home because that's when the price for a house was ridiculous expensive and now that it's hit bottom here we are with the keys.

During escrow. The living room. Any ideas what to do with that giganto mirror over the fireplace?

Kitchen. It has a dishwasher!

During our move. We did some painting.

Dining area. Still not finished but we're getting there.

Stairs to the 3 bedrooms. So far, David has tumbled twice and Veronica once and me once. I've never had stairs so this is quite the workout especially when I'm carrying a heavy kid.

Monday, July 06, 2009

4th of July fun!

David was loving the attention. The girls made sure to put sunscreen on him. One less thing for me to worry about.

Perfect 4th of July treat...a snow cone. Veronica would take breaks from the kiddie pool with a slide to munch on the snow cone. Good thing because it was hot! And Jeff thought I put sunscreen on her and I thought he put sunscreen on her...so the result was a really bad sun burn on her back. She hasn't mentioned any pain so hopefully she'll just tan and be done with it. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Soaking in the pool.

Jeff and Vanessa staying in the shade.

Veronica loved the slide. She even slipped and fell on her back trying to climb it. She got back on and on and on and on...
Thanks to the Kerrigan's for their generosity!
My parents came over later and brought some very yummy rib eye steaks to grill. We ate so much and had so much fun.


We've had a very busy June so I have not had much time to post. Vanessa continues to grow and to make herself known. She enjoys warm milk, sucking on her fist and cuddling really close.
We finally moved! For those of you who have ever been to our apartment the recent layout was 2 toddler beds in the living room and in the bedroom was our bed and a baby crib. It was quite the setup. We now have a lot more room and don't really know how to fill it.

Vanessa has been growing and is such a sweetie.

Jeff and Veronica right before their "Daddy Daughter Date." He took her to the movies.

Already embarrassed when I want to take a picture with him!

Here are the kids in our new home!

My mom holding the little princess. Her blessing day.