Friday, May 23, 2008

He's a climber

After I fed David his favorite breakfast, oatmeal with applesauce, I took his clothes off and left him to get him clean clothes. Veronica started yelling, "Mommy, look at your son!" So I came out and he climbed into Veronica's chair and was eating her cereal. This is the face he makes when I ask him to smile at the camera.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Noah's Ark

The Skirball Cultural Center has this new, cool exhibit called Noah's Ark. A lady from our ward found out that it's free on Thursdays and set up a play-day, for those that are home with kids. The whole exhibit is made of recycled materials and everything is hands on, the kids can touch or climb on whatever they want, as long as it is safe. They have story telling and arts/crafts. It was pretty awesome. We had to cut our time short because Veronica was being so sassy and rude that my threats of leaving if I didn't see better behavior finally were realized. It was more like we were all punished, so I'm going to go again. Maybe this time I'll get a babysitter for the kids so I can enjoy it!

Some things were easier to figure out. Others needed more creativity and imagination to figure out what.

This is kind of like you're helping to "build" the ark by putting the puzzle pieces together.

This turtle was awesome! And David managed to find something to chew on while he was there.

They also had this little rope climbing thing. The getting down was the tricky part.

This is a conveyor belt where the kids can help load the animals into the ark, two-by-two of course! note: see Veronica is holding corn...more to come...

She was a bit too attached to the corn, which is one of the reasons she was being so unbearable. She wouldn't let go of that corn. She would put it down so she could play with other things but if a kid so much as looked at the corn she would run over there and snatch it away. I didn't like that at all, so I threatened to leave...she didn't we left.

David likes to go where the action is at. This girl started playing this drum and David wanted to watch her up close. Check out the ball and the strawberry he has in his hands...we ended up leaving with those tightly gripped in his hands. I didn't notice until I put David in his car seat. Next time I go I will turn David in for stealing from the museum.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

My mom came over for Mother's Day and Jeff made us all dinner. He even washed all the dishes afterwards...what a sweet husband.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

San Francisco

We had our first real family vacation, where it was just us and no extended family to visit. We really like San Francisco, so that's where we decided to go. We only stayed for 2 days, and believe me that was plenty long. Since having kids, I've noticed that being close to home is nice, somehow being at home makes it easier to handle grumpy children or whatever the kids decide they want to do to stress me out. I love the weather this time of's jacket weather and I love jackets...which is why I want to move I can wear jackets, who cares that it's so stinkin' expensive. Anyway, we walked around a lot, mainly from the hotel to Pier 39 and back again. Saw the sea lions, went to the zoo (free admission on the first Wednesday of the month), went to the Golden Gate Bridge and ate lots of yummy food at the Fisherman's Grotto. That was Jeff's favorite part of the trip. I had a lot more things planned but it's kind of hard because of the nap schedule and bedtimes.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Around the home...

If you look closely, there is chocolate milk in his bottle. Jeff thinks it's a good idea to put chocolate milk in his bottle...

The kids cuddling while they watch a movie.

A little more cuddling.

We were over at the Tanigawa's one night and Mat & Jeff were playing nerf basketball with blue/orange ball, and every time that Mat would slam the ball David would start crying. I guess he really liked the ball, so much that when someone would throw it down hard he would cry as if they were hitting the ball or mistreating it. Needless to say, David wouldn't let go of the said ball and even went to bed with it that night. Cutie!