Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Alert

Welcome home! Violet Emily Enos, newest member of our family made her debut July 25th. We are so thankful and happy to have her join our family and are even happier to have her home now. More pictures to come. We love you little Violet.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Girls Night In

This week has been lame for the kids. They have been bored out of their brains and looking for things to keep them entertained. I've been moving a lot more slow and can barely muster the strength to go up and down my stairs. Anyway, super pregnant mom=super bored least in my situation.
Veronica was super bored yesterday, after re-reading some of her books and exhausting her imagination with pretend play that she asked for a girls night. I asked her what that meant and she said, "you know, when we wear pretty clothes and makeup and talk about girl things." So, since I've been feeling super guilty about this being a boring summer for them I obliged and she even let me curl her hair. I gave her a mani/pedi, and makeup.

She asked if she could use one of my roses to take a picture outside. Where do kids come up with these ideas?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday 7-11

Free slurpees at 7-11!

4th of July...

4th of July at the Kerrigan's. This family opens up their home/backyard to family and friends and we have enjoyed coming to this every year since we moved here. I can't believe we've been here for 7 years now.

This was probably the best spot to was SO hot. Nothing says 4th of July in the valley like triple digits and pools!

Another cool spot to be.

Vanessa was having such a fun time going up the stairs and sliding down the slide into the pool that she didn't notice when the adults left and she slid down into the pool and was underwater for a few seconds. Luckily, we had a little hero pull her up and held her head above the water. After this incident, Vanessa was pretty tired and fell asleep. Near death will tucker a kid out.

BIG NEWS!!! Veronica had a loose tooth for quite some time now....close to 2 weeks. Anyway, she kept messing with it and then one day I asked to look at her loose tooth and saw the new tooth poking through. So, I asked her if I could pull out the loose tooth to give room for the new one. She hesitated and then said I could pull it on Monday(4th of July). I forgot until that evening when she was sitting and reading and fiddling with her tooth and then I remembered. So, I reminded her and she put up a fight but then she let me pull it. It came out quick, thankfully! If you look super close you can see the top of the new tooth behind the bloody hole.

Her tooth was so little, I thought that the tooth fairy might have a hard time finding it...but alas the tooth fairy found the little tooth and left Veronica a very special monetary compensation.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Funny story: Our friends, the Tanigawa's, asked if we wanted to go to the beach and so we got our stuff packed up and headed out to the beach. It didn't really cross our minds that it is 4th of July weekend and probably a SUPER busy/crowded beach day. We quickly found out that everyone had the same idea as us, and were stuck in traffic because EVERYONE ahead of us was looking for a place to park. Anyway, the Tanigawa's were there, amongst the traffic, ahead of us and were doubling back to try their luck again for a spot...and they sure are LUCKY...they managed to find a parking spot for their car as well as our car! Thank goodness for cell phones because we didn't really want to look for parking and they called with the good news and we doubled back as quickly as possible. I'm sure Mat got a lot of angry looks but he held that spot for us. We ended up staying there for quite some time because it was a pretty nice day. I only managed one picture of all the kids.