Sunday, March 29, 2009

6 more weeks to go

I'm about 34 weeks into this pregnancy. Most people have been saying that I'm not that big, but tell that to my ever so weak body. I can barely stand for long periods of time, that's my way out of doing the dishes, and if I sit at a certain angle my front load begins to suffocate me. Some things I've been thinking about lately are:
What are we going to name this baby? (any suggestions are welcomed)
I hope my experience with my other 2 births helps me prepare physically and mentally for this birth.
I'm SO nervous!
Where in the world am I going to put all these kids?
It's going to be a long and HOT summer.
I can't believe the stretch marks.
I hope Jeff is in town when baby decides to make her big reveal.

Anyway, those are some of things that I think of when I glance down at my belly.
On a happier note, I've been trying to find the right school for Veronica and put her name in 2 lotteries for 2 charter schools. So far, she was accepted into one and hopefully we'll hear about the second school this week. Sorry Winnetka Elem., nothing personal.

Friday, March 20, 2009

David's birthday celebration. Once he saw the cake all he wanted to do was pick off the m&ms and the fruit snacks.

He wasn't so sure about the fire he had to blow out...that's Jeff's hand pushing David's face closer to the flame.

Enjoying the cake that I labored hours to decorate. I almost didn't want to cut it.

A week ago Veronica had a bad stomach thing and was quiet and sad and vomitty the whole day. David's best effort to cuddle with his sister and help her feel loved. All she wanted was her space and David kept smothering her.

He's just so cheery, I love this little guy!

Friday, March 06, 2009

This week

David turned 2 on the 4th and we are having a birthday party for him on Saturday. He absolutely loves Curious George so I thought he would like a cake like that. Anyway, I have never decorated...much less frosted a cake before so I was pretty proud of this. Veronica was very excited to help me put the fruit snacks and m&m's on well as sample all the frosting.

Jeff calls it the "Hispanic" George because his face turned out darker than the picture. Oh well, I tried.

The kids enjoying hot chocolate and scones after school.

This is how cute David acts right before bedtime...he's such a sweetie.

Veronica was so excited for David to open his birthday presents...that way she could finally play with them. Wow, I have a 4 yr old, a 2 yr old and one due in the next couple of months, that's pretty crazy to realize!