Monday, March 04, 2013

Birthday #6

David had his 6th birthday. Still refuse to really accept that.  I love this little man.  He melts my heart, he is sweet, he is tender, he notices things, he listens, he secretly sings along with me when I obsessively listen to Alicia Keys in the car, he loves anything that has to do with video entertainment, he is my little boy.  It's a beautiful challenge to have the chance to be his mother.  I feel so blessed to have him be the only boy in a house of girls.  David is a tender young man, and sometimes I forget how sensitive he really is when he gets sad when I comment of how dirty he is when I pick him up from school.  I was washing the bedding, after a long battle with the throw ups, and found a book under David's pillow - My Mom is Great. 
David doesn't ask for much, except always wanting to play video games, so when he asked for a birthday party I was a bit stumped.  Then I asked which kids he wanted to invite and he thought and thought and came up with his best buddy from school, Kennedy.  Not surprising, Kennedy is a girl.  We ended up doing a video game party, because David loves to play video games and he's occupied with anything that has to do with Mario.  It was a nice low key event with friends. 
I love my David. Happy birthday to you - the sweetest boy.



Thank you to everyone who made the week long celebration of David's birthday so special. David felt the love and I know he appreciated every single the beautiful Mario cake, Smash Bros, flip flops, art stuff, shoes but mostly feeling the love from everyone and sharing this celebration. Thank you to all for loving my David and helping him feel loved.