Thursday, October 29, 2009

She's 5

A few days ago Veronica got very upset because she kept saying she was 4 3/4 and I finally said that she wasn't 3/4 because her birthday was on Sunday. I asked Jeff to do the calculation and he figured it was somewhere in the 20ths...anyway, she refused that answer and said she was 4 and a BIG 3/4. There you have it! Anyway, Veronica turned 5 on Sunday. Wow. A five year old! It was a good day. I love it. It makes me a bit sad because she's getting older and isn't my little spark plug of a baby. I love you Veronica!

Veronica's school did an October birthday celebration...I got to bring 20 juiceboxes.

October birthday kindergarten kids!

Blowing out the candles on her very pink birthday cake. Veronica was very specific about her cake. It had to be "chocolate bread with light pink frosting and pink candles." Once I was finished frosting the cake I let Veronica put the rest of the stuff on top. (You like my cake stand? It's a lid from a bowl.)

She also asked for pink flowers and Lana to come. Hopefully she's as easy to please the rest of the years.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy now?

Little Vanessa is 5 months old and cut her first tooth. Veronica told me that she was letting Vanessa bite her finger and she felt a sharp thing and sure enough...there's a little tooth.

I love her eyelashes.


I love this picture of David holding Vanessa. He's been very watchful over her this past month. He shares his dinosaurs with her and even lets Vanessa chomp on his arm...such a great big brother.

Sometimes I send Veronica to "make Vanessa happy." I usually am doing something so I can't really see what she's actually doing to keep Vanessa quiet and happy. This is what I saw her doing.

David loved feeding the ducks. He was getting even closer to the edge...not so fun for me!

At the park feeding the ducks.

Jeff has been taking the kids to Lowe's for their kid workshops. I think David wore the safey glasses the whole day.

This was our FHE treat...Monkey Bread. The kids helped me make it, it's that easy to make! It is so good, in a buttery, sugary sort of way! The only bad thing about this treat is that it is way too easy to make and eat!