Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Red car & water bottle

My 2 babies, Vanessa and David, have been obsessed lately. Vanessa just in the last week or so has emptied my bag daily in search for my water bottle. Once she finds it, she pops open the lid and drinks my water. Then she walks around with the bottle and spills it all over the floor. She's been very determined to do things on her own, like eating and drinking and she even struggles with me when I insist on holding her hand while we walk in a parking lot. It's cute and annoying.

David has loved cars his whole life. It was for that reason that we showered him with cars for Christmas, and so did Santa. We bought him all sorts. Does he attach himself to any of the fancy cars we got him...NO. I don't really know where he got this little red car but he's pretty attached to it. He sleeps with it, eats with it and brings it everywhere. One morning he woke up screaching because he couldn't find his car on his bed. Like most kids, he forgets about it on ocassion but once he realizes it's gone...he is heartbroken.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I don't really know what setting my camera is on to make us look like we're glowing. This is us at Chase Park in Marina del Rey for Labor Day.

Married for over a year and they even sit alike!

Vanessa watched the soccer ball and would dribble it a few times. She was pretty good at it...for a 1 1/2 year old.

David was a soccer dad showed him how to dribble. He was pretty attached to that soccer ball.

Check out their dirty faces...I make it a point to have barefoot children with dirty faces.
Part of our Labor Day activities is the water bus. Usually the kids enjoy it but I think David was the only one that enjoyed this bus ride. Veronica's expression says exactly how she was behaving. Vanessa had a meltdown right before we got off.

The abuelos enjoying their grandchildren.

Taking a break from tossing the frisbee around.

We offered the kids a dollar to push Vanessa in her stroller until she fell asleep...they didn't bite. William & Angie took her for a walk in her stroller and she fell asleep...we tilted the stroller and left her there for a while.

Enjoying some frozen yogurt. Shortly after, Vanessa face planted while she was walking and chipped her tooth.


Veronica started 1st grade a couple weeks ago. She has to wear uniforms everyday, with a formal day on Friday.

This is her formal uniform.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Summer wrap up

Since Veronica is back to school our summer is just about wrapped up. The weather here has been amazing. It hasn't been as hot as it usually gets in the summer. Only had a week or two of over 100, and that's not too bad. The only draw back to a cool summer is that the beach was a bit too cold to enjoy, but that didn't stop us from heading to the beach.

I have been terrible at taking pictures and most of the time I forget to bring my most of these pictures are from home.

After swimming, what better treat than a popsicle? You probably can't tell from this picture but these kids are super tan. We went through 2 sunscreen spray bottles and they still managed to darken up.

Jeff loves his little princess. I thought this picture is especially cute of Vanessa and Jeff.

Vanessa's tan.

The kids and I watched a Man v. Wild marathon and it inspired them to build a shelter and bring food for survival.

I love how you can see all 3 kids having so much fun. All they are really doing is playing follow the leader.

We were all so hungry one day and went to this pizza joint and Jeff ordered the XL. We had pizza for at least a week after that.

Vanessa is sprouting more teeth. She has been a semi-terror. I can't blame her for being irritable, I would be if I had those things poking my gums constantly.

Thanks to a friend of Veronica, she has taught herself how to swim. She's not that good at it and is still scared to practice in the deep end but I didn't have to pay for swim lessons! She was watching her friend, Sierra, show us what she learned in swim lessons and Veronica just put her face in the water and started swimming. She's frantic and super proud of herself after each swim but I'm just excited we didn't have to pay for swim lessons. She still likes to have her floaties for security.

Some night swimming at our pool. It's too bad it's been so cool it doesn't give the water enough heat to warm up. The kids are so dang skinny that they get cold pretty quickly.

On an especially windy day, we thought we'd head over to the beach to fly a kite. Thanks Rachel for providing the kite. It was a huge success.

Getting ready to watch Enchanted.
Close to the end of the school year, Veronica and a friend approached me about a sleepover. I told the girls to wait for the summer then we could do one. I thought they would forget but they kept reminding me and I finally caved. Turned out well and Veronica was so nice to me the whole time. I should do them more often if I get such a happy girl from it.