Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving, etc...

Thanksgiving came in a flash and I was so busy with the preparations that I didn't really think to pull out the camera and document it (Jeff didn't think to do it either). Anyway, it was a fun time and each year it seems to be easier to manage although it seems that the turkey gets bigger to feed the growing crowd. We had my parents, my brother and his wife and our friends the Tanigawa's. Since last year we added 3 new people to the celebration. I kind of like doing this but am so grateful it's only a once a year thing.
These pictures are from our November. Just a bunch of random things I think are funny that happen almost daily. Also, Veronica's class did a Thanksgiving Feast, complete with turkey, potatoes, popcorn, chicken nuggets...very traditional. I'm also very grateful that I can go to all of these things, eventhough I complain a lot about driving there and dragging the other kids along.

Veronica eating her very "traditional" Thanksgiving Feast. (Popcorn, watermelon and grapes)

Random pictures of the daily business.

Jeff's parents were in town in November. The kids loved having them around and so did we. Some pictures of when we went to the Santa Monica Pier.

Happy Half Birthday Vanessa

Vanessa is 6 months old. She had her 6 month check up and she was 15 lbs 13 oz, right in the middle. We started feeding her baby cereal and she is now onto baby oatmeal. She's a pretty good eater and has been the easiest baby to feed. Vanessa loves daddy and loves to be kissed. Love my little doll face!

She loves her thumb.

Sometimes she gets a bit wild. Look closely and you'll spot her bottom teeth.

This girl's got talent. She can suck both thumbs, whichever gets to her mouth first.

After nap face.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year we did Halloween dress up 3 times. Our ward had a Halloween party the weekend before and Veronica's school had a parade and then the actual day. By the time Halloween came around I was exhausted. Veronica, who's favorite color is anything pink, decided she wanted to wear a black dress and be a witch. Don't know where that came from but it was easy so I didn't talk her out of it. David had 2 costumes...I just couldn't decide. Vanessa was a bee, didn't think too much about putting her in a costume that would be all bunched up anyway.

Ward Halloween party. David's looking tough!

Here's little Mario.

At Veronica's school parade. I guess he's baby Mario since I forgot to draw on a mustache.

This is right before he got stung by a bee. Yeah, it ended up being a miserable hour. Why do I put myself through this stuff?

We carved pumpkins the night before Halloween. Jeff always wants to do something intricate and so he set out to do his own. After lots of frustration he gave up and went to something a bit easier. You be the judge. I liked the spider so that's what I did.

Getting ready to carve the pumpkins.

Veronica was having fun and gave the pumpkin snacks and a drink.

Outside our door with the finished products!

I think they turned out pretty well.

Here they are ready to hit the doors for candy.