Sunday, May 20, 2007

Potty Training - Movie Method

I guess if she sits on her potty for the entire movie she might go in it.

Friday, May 18, 2007

How a pineapple grows

I was surprised to see how a pineapple actually grows, "in the wild." I never really thought much about how pineapples grow.

Child #2

I'm trying my best to make sure that David's life is well documented, as Veronica's was. Sometimes David is looking cute or is actually doing something cute and I think to take pictures or videos and usually I can't find any batteries. So, my goal is to always have batteries available, batteries that actually work for more than one picture, so when there is a moment I can capture it. Speaking as a #2 child, I see the family albums and can see the excitement for the first but when #2 comes around one doesn't always have a camera in hand. I'm sure David won't have as many pictures as Veronica did but I will certainly try to take as many pictures as possible. She has a ton of pictures considering we lost several months of pictures when our hard drive crashed.
As far as any news, we're going to Idaho Falls for Memorial Day weekend. Veronica is very excited to play with her cousins - Hannah and Hailey. We are going to drive up, which is going to be interesting to say the least. Veronica has turned into a chatterbox, and I can understand about half the things she says. It is a jumble of english and spanish and mumble. She understands most things I say in spanish, which is good considering she doesn't really speak it. I dropped the ball on the whole spanish thing, it was a lot harder to actually speak it with her. Oh yeah, I was released from the YW and now am in the Primary. The verdict is still out on how I feel about that. Since there are only about 3 kids in the nursery they just kind of add them to the Primary. I've walked into the Primary room and there's Veronica sitting in the little kid chairs and loving every minute. I don't think she quite understands the meaning of reverance or that you have to sit and not play the whole time. Jeff is still the Ward Exec. Secretary.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Morning time

As of late Veronica has been coming into our bedroom at around 8am and she gets into the bed and lays down next to David. After about 6am I lay David down in our bed because I need to get another hour of sleep or just want to cuddle with him.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shut Down

This is an example of how Veronica skips her scheduled nap time and then goes and goes until she drops on the floor. It's about 5pm and Veronica just stopped. A minute before this happened she was jumping on the couch and very hyper.
I doesn't matter what she's doing, she just passes out. She's getting too heavy for me to lift her, so most of times she just has to stay on the floor because I can't lift her.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Single Mom Wrap-up

Well, I tried to write everyday but after a while I decided that sleeping was higher on the priority list than updating my blog about being a "single" mother. Suffice it to say, it was hard and I am not in a hurry to do it again. I was pretty proud of myself for making sure that Veronica didn't starve and that she got a bath at least once in the entire week.
Today is Mother's Day and it makes me realize how blessed we are to have at least one person that loves us unconditionally and is willing to sacrifice all that they are to be loving and nurturing. Thank you mother and thank you to those that are doing this great thing.
David loves his big sister.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Day 2

Today was a good day. Eventhough it was close to 100 degrees out I managed to keep the apartment cool. David refused to be anywhere but in my arms, which made for a pretty unproductive day. I managed okay until about 5pm. David had a melt-down and I was pooped. Veronica skips her naps every now and then and just passes out sometimes doing the funniest things. Today she skipped her nap, which turned out good because she entertained David while I tried to wash dishes or something like that. At about 6pm she was lying on the floor coloring and started to color slower and slower until she closed her eyes and fell asleep. She just goes and goes until her battery runs out. Now I hope David sleeps okay. So far his sleep schedule is pretty good, for a newborn, and it's actually a schedule. He goes down somewhere between 830 and 9pm and sleeps until close to 2-3am then eats and he's back down until 6am and eats and wants to be up for the day but I'm not ready so we just hang out in bed until I'm ready. When I'm ready to get up that is when he falls asleep for an hour or so. Pretty soon he'll only wake once, which I can't wait for.
Alright, tomorrow is another day. Hopefully more productive and less heat so I don't feel so sluggish.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Day 1 as a single mom

I managed to survive one night with the kids and without Jeff. Jeff had to go away for a business trip...I pretty much call it a vacation.
Today will be the real test, since Veronica and David will pretty much have me all day long. I think David has cried more today simply because sometimes I need to use the bathroom or wash dishes or something that requires me to put him down. Veronica pretty much takes care of herself, except when she wants food or needs me to change her diaper. She asks me to change her diaper now, and if I don't respond right away she definitely lets me know. I will write more tomorrow.
Oh man do I respect single's not easy.
Veronica likes to climb into David's crib and play with his bears.

Smilin' David
All 13.2 pounds of him. The pediatrician suggested we not feed him so much...I think he looks plenty healthy.

Nap time...David doesn't understand what nap time is yet.