Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not in the mood...

So, lately I haven't been in the mood to take very many pictures at all. So, I thought I'd post something.

A couple of weeks ago, Lana came over very early and played with us all day. She was kind of bored until we picked up Veronica from school. (I guess I don't entertain as much as a 3 year old can) Veronica likes to make tents so this is them playing in the tents.

Here they are being silly.

David eating spaghetti...or is it eating him? Look at the eyelashes on the kid!

Sunday Pizza

Found this recipe for pizza and thought I'd try it. I'm very reluctant to try anything that requires rising...but this only required 15 minutes and I could do 15. Once I started to roll out the dough Jeff inspected my pathetic attempt at rolling out the dough and decided to take over. I'm glad he did or else our pizza would have been a big piece of dense bread with toppings. He started tossing the dough in the air and that thrilled the kids and so everyone was going crazy. Jeff was totally in a pizza-zone and David was sneaking pieces of dough into his mouth and Veronica was flattening a piece of dough that landed on the floor. It was crazy. But, the pizza turned out really good and it might just become a part of our Sunday meals.

I made the BBQ chicken with pineapple pizza and so I had to be in the picture.
Here's the recipe for the dough...
2 1/4 c. water
2 1/4 Tbsp. yeast
2 1/4 tsp. salt
2 1/4 tsp. sugar
2 1/4 Tbsp. oil
6 c. flour
I didn't have much instruction, just mix and let rise 15 minutes, roll into desired crust size and then cook 6 minutes on 425 then add toppings finish cooking 6 minutes.
I combined the yeast and water (sounds obvious but I remember trying to make rolls once and it listed the ingredients and no specific instructions and let's just say those were the weirdest rolls on the planet) and make sure the water is warm. Then I added the sugar and salt and the rest of the stuff. The dough is pretty sticky until about the 5th cup of flour then it starts to settle down and form. Covered it and let it rise for 15 minutes. Then I cut it into 4 pieces and started rolling them out. Jeff rolled them and tossed them...whatever I guess. We also didn't precook the crust, we just did it raw and cooked it until it looked done. Also, if you have one of those cool cookie sheets with the holes that would probably cook the crust a lot better.
BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, and pineapple. After it was done I added fresh tomatoes and green onions on top.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Veronica decided to dress up in this to watch cartoons right before school.
David has a tendency to take Veronica's toys. At least it's not pink, right?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First day...

So, today was Veronica's first day of pre-school. She has been looking forward to this day all week. We've been using school as an excuse to make her go to bed earlier than the usual 10pm or later. If you know Veronica you know that as soon as we walked in she was little miss chatter box and was oblivious to us. Needless to say, she hardly noticed that I left. She didn't cry and for me...let's just say it was a hard walk home alone...when did she get old enough to go to school? I guess I sort of realized that she's going to be doing things for the first time without me around to watch her go through it. It was a very bitter/sweet realization. I know David secretly missed her, eventhough he loves having all my attention.

Outside our ghetto alley/parking area ready to walk Veronica to school. Like her pose?

Inside the classroom. Teacher (as Veronica likes to call her) read a book about an owl family and how the mom owl had to leave but how she always comes back. This was her way of getting the kids ready to say goodbye to their parents for their first day.

Waiting outside the gates for school to be out.

After a long day (2 hours 20 mins) at school. Yeah, I don't know why she even needs a backpack, but she likes it so why not?

I just took this photo, she's beat after having to wake up at 730am. She even fell asleep during Curious George, she must be tired! Now I have to wake up the poor kid or else she'll be up all night and won't want to wake up early for school tomorrow. I bet she is regreting giving up her naps almost a year or so ago. This is one of her "shut-down" modes.

I love you Veronica!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

my bag tag

Thank you Mindy, for the incentive to go through my bags and clean them out and be a little more organized.
Well, I will do first my main bag which is my diaper bag and then I will do my own bag that has nothing to do with diapers...though I did find a diaper in it (you just never know when you'll need an extra diaper).

I used to like this diaper bag a lot, mainly because it wasn't black and ugly. What I later realized is that it makes things disappear. This bag holds a lot but when I'm looking for my keys or cell phone I can never find it where I know I left it.

I dumped this out onto a towel before I placed everything on the table because there were a lot of cookie/goldfish/candy/sand everywhere. This is as of this afternoon, I usually throw in a lot more fruit snacks and David's milk is usually floating around somewhere.
So, what's in the diaper bag: diapers, wipes, sippy cup (with old water), hotel lotion, sunglasses, grocery list, thank you cards (from David's baby shower over a year and a half ago), YMCA card, immunization cards for Veronica and David, white butterfly clip, bag of chapstick, lip gloss, and lotion, extra panties for Veronica, baby picture album, my parents house keys, my wallet, blue coupon organizer, brown coin purse, Hilton hotel key, fruit snacks, bandage, pen, random church key, Dromamine, matches, chopsticks from Pho 999, red spoon, Sleeping Beauty pez dispenser with pez candy, oh yeah and Snow White accesories with the prince. And YES I NEED EVERYTHING IN THERE.

Reddish leather hobo bag from Liz Claiborne.

Lip gloss, mint spray, Gap body mister, hotel lotion, hair band, some change, cell, wallet, diaper, movie stub, In-n-Out stickers, crayon, pen, floss, fruit snacks, orange bouncy ball, Auntie Anne receipt, and sun glasses.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day

We started going to this cool park down by the Marina a few years ago and the tradition has stuck. It's such a nice park and it's right in Marina Del Rey, so the weather is beach weather. My parents are funny, they always say that they need to get there early in order to get a picnic table and grill...yeah I would agree...but not that early. Let's just say that we (Jeff and kids and I) showed up close to 10am and we could've found a good spot. But, thanks anyway for getting up early mom and dad and claiming the perfect spot for us. Anyway, we had a fun time. We did some relaxing, hammocking, grilling, eating, footballing, frisbee-ing, eating, boating. It was a fun day to say goodbye to the summer. Afterwards we headed back to my parent's place and dropped off park stuff and headed to Dodgers Stadium. It was a LONG day!

The kids loved the hammock. The boys hanging out.

Playing some football. Watch out David!

So cute. On the waterbus.

David smacking Veronica, what a bully!

At the game. David wasn't this happy the whole's a very deceptive picture.