Saturday, June 09, 2012


I kind of loved t-ball and I kind of hated it at the same time.  Loved it for many reasons, mainly because I think David enjoyed it and learned how to throw a ball without embarrassing me.  I was a little worried that he would not learn this valuable life skill untill much much later in life but am glad he has learned and now applies his skill constantly.  Hated it because I didn't realize how much I like my cozy little nest, home, and don't really like to leave once I'm nestled in.  Practice for 2 hours on Mondays and games on Wed and Fri, each for at least 2 hours.  It was a big time comittment and there were days when I seriously would be yelling at the kids because we were going to be late for tball and "I signed you up so you better get ready to go or I'm never going to sign you up for anything!!!!!" Breathing  know the mean mommy lingo when you're already late and it takes 30 minutes to finally leave the house only to realize boy left his glove at home...somewhere...don't really know where but know that it takes at least 10 mins to find and by then boy is in tears, mom is sweating, baby is crying and the other girls are wondering what the after-game snack is going to be.  There were too many of those days.  A lot of good days though.  Met some nice people and even started playing softball.  More on softball woes another time.

Most of the games, David spent crouched down playing with the dirt.  There were a handful of times when the ball rolled right past him, had he been paying attention he would've made the tball espn highlights.  Now that I am a seasoned tball mom I can go into the new season with understanding and can hopefully try and enjoy it and help David enjoy it more.  Seriously though, sometimes I would have to bribe him with the after-game snack just to get out of the door.  Onto soccer and other things!!