Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Family Fotos

We had some family photos done. I went away from the park scene and decided to do something different. I came across this part of town, purely on accident, a few days before the shoot. I kind of love the old town feel this had, and I am kind of a sucker for brick and vintage style buildings.

Anyway, it was defnitely a challenge gettting everyone coordinated and all happy for some awesome photography from the very talented Linda.  You can check out her site here.  Violet was pretty grumpy most of the shoot and you can't see all the candy we're handing her just to get her to even sit or want to be held.  It was a challenge.  But, my family loves Linda, and her husband and daughter were there making this endulgence of mine tolerable for my kids.  Other challenges:  UPS truck, a very busy alley, lots of wind, crazy hair, and getting 4 kids to look towards the camera without hating it!  I love these moments though.  Now the bigger challenge:  deciding on which to display and where to display them!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Veronica's big day!

Veronica has been so excited this year because she was going to turn 8!  And she could finally be baptized!  She's the last of her primary class to be baptized so she's been so eager and anxious. 
It was such a special day.  I didn't take many pictures...I was kind of taking it in and when I remembered to take pictures I couldn't get the right people together. 
Veronica's grandparents came from Idaho and her abuelos came too.  Tio and tia with Layla also came.  It was so overwhelming to see the support and to feel the love from everyone there.  I cannot find the proper words to express the gratitude in my heart from all the support we have felt from family and friends leading up to this point. 
It was special.  It was amazing.  Veronica came to me, after we left and she said, "Mom, I feel warm inside. I'm so happy to be baptized." 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Funny observation

I was at playgroup this week.  I love going to playgroup.  Our kids get to play with each other and I get a chance to chat with some really special ladies.  Anyway, it's good for both parent and child.  I have come to know different ladies and have learned a lot and have forged bonds with these ladies. I love this playgroup!

Today, while I was watching Violet push a little push toy around a playroom these other two kids (not related to each other) were playing in a corner.  I paid attention to Violet, because she is so cute to watch I lose track of time just watching, and minded none to the other kids in the room.  Anyway, I heard crying and looked up and saw a little boy crying, he was probably close to 2 yrs old.  This 2 yr old had a helicopter mom.  There is nothing wrong with that, I am just not one.  Anyway, she was never more than a foot away from her son the entire time I noticed her.  She picked up her son and held him tight and got the attention of the mother of the child that hit her son.  This other mother, was chatting with a girlfriend with her back to her little girl that had slipped into this other playroom.  I am not judging this mom either, because I lose track of my kids on a daily basis.  Anyway, helicopter mom told chatty mom that her daughter hit her son on the head.  Chatty mom almost seemed annoyed that she had to pause her conversation to discipline her kid - which in this case was to say sorry.  Chatty mom didn't apologize to helicopter mom nor the crying kid.  She picked up her daughter and said, "You have to say you're sorry."  The little girl said she was sorry.  Helicopter mom didn't seem satisfied with the response from chatty mom nor from the little girl.  And really, when a kid under 3 apologizes is it really an apology?  I think it's good for them to know that they should apologize but as adults we should know that they are being obedient to their parents and probably don't really understand the whole apology.  Anyway, helicopter mom was packing up her things and chatty mom kept chatting with her girlfriend when helicopter mom, as she was walking away, said that the little girl hit her son on purpose-- deliberately.  Chatty mom, finally responded to helicopter mom with gusto, "I doubt it was deliberate.  She's just being a two year old."  I doubt this little girl intended on hurting the little boy.  From watching my kids and other kids, I know that sometimes kids will hit but it's not because they want to harm other kids it's because kids are kids and they have their "turf" and will protect it...either by hitting, crying, pushing, running away, whatever.  I don't know how I would've reacted.  I have always struggled with knowing when to step in and "protect" my child from unwanted pushing, hitting or screaming.   My kids are usually on the receiving end of the pushing or hitting, not very much because they're pretty good about stepping away in those situations.  But I have had to step in a handful of times and really make known that I am mama-bear and you (seemingly innocent child) better step off.  I may have reacted differently when I only had one kid versus 4 kids.  Or maybe I'm more protective now than I was.  When my kids get pushed around when they're playing soccer I am a mama-bear and I have to breathe and count to 10 and sometimes I feel like kids have to work it out and figure out how to stand their ground and not let kids push them around.  I have been helicopter mom and chatty mom and an array of other labels.  I'm anticipating that Violet will be the one pushing kids because she is #4 and her whole life has been survival of the fittest.  When she wants something she will take it.  She does it with her siblings all the time.  She is a fighter and I feel like I have to prepare for the future.  Any advice?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Some futbol!

I think Violet is ready for the game.

David in action!



Sunday, November 04, 2012

It's a Mario PARTY!!!

Veronica requested a Mario Party for her 8th birthday.  I feel like it's been her birthday for the past 2 weeks!  We still have her baptism that's in a couple of weeks.  So, everything that comes with turning 8, in our family, is taking quite some time!  I was dreading this party but kind of excited for the outcome.  It was fun and after I completed one project I would smile because it was satisfying.  I only wish the kids appreciate the awesomeness of this party.  I got a lot of my ideas from pinterest but mostly from my knowledge of all things Mario...which isn't much more than the first ever Super Mario Bros game.  My buddy, Linda, helped me so much and encouraged me when I was so tired to make it to the finish line.  We did a chat about my ideas and she even made an outline for me to keep me focused.  She took most of the pictures.  If Jeff would let me I would keep the decor up forever but he was over it and wanted it put away.

Some of the unfinished projects.  The goody bags, Mario mustache-on-a-stick, and the pin the mustache on Mario game (pre-color).  

The cupcakes. Simple, really.  I used chocolate, because that's what Veronica wanted.  What says Mario more than 1up cupcakes and lots of red and blue! 

The whole point of the mustaches was for taking pictures in front of a back drop that I made.  The mustaches were for keeps when the kids left but the kids only humoured me for a few pictures.  After that I sensed the "mom, really...this is lame let us go play!" vibe. 

Stars and the pipes and the piranha plants. My buddy, Linda, made the pipes out of toilet paper rolls, clever, huh?Linda also made the star rice krispies treats.  They were the perfect touch to the table.  They were as good as they looked! 

In the spirit of Mario Bros. I thought it would be fun to have places where the kids could "bust" bricks or question boxes and get coins.  

Veronica wasted no time busting it open!
We did a boo stomp.  I put a coin in each white balloon before I blew them up with air.  Then I used my trusty black sharpie to draw the face. It was quite simple. Then, I told the kids to try and not step on each other or hurt each other.  I had Jeff put some Mario music that he found on youtube and the kids had a blast.  I love this picture on the bottom of all this kids stomping the boos.  Most of the kids are a blur but that's what is fun about it.  They were all laughing and having so much fun.

Sorry about the Happy Birthday sign that fell.  I thought the goody bags were such a good decoration I almost didn't want to give them away.  Linda had these brick boxes that were perfect for the occasion. 
It was simply torture for the kids to not touch any of the decorations or treats or anything leading up to the party!  Once I finally gave David his goody bag he was the happiest.  David loves all things Mario so this was sort of a practice for an eventual Mario party of his own.  The goody bags had stickers and some candy and a question mark box with candy in them.

We had the kids decorate their star-power necklaces.


The backdrop.  I should've used more blue poster board to go all the way to the bottom of the wall. I ran out of time to get more, but the photo booth idea wasn't really flying with the kids.  They didn't want to stand still long enough for a photo-op.  Oh well. 

Here are the fabulous party planners.  We actually stood still long enough for this photo. 
I think the kids had a blast.  I consider this very good practice for a Mario Party of awesomeness come one of David's birthdays! 


Having kids in school makes for busy times come Halloween.  3 Trunk or Treats and 4 costume changes (per kid) and actual Trick-or-Treating and it's finally over!  I was beyond exhausted when Halloween night came.  We only lasted a few blocks.  

Vanessa as Izzy the Pirate from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. 

Luigi...such a change from Mario for the past 3 years! 

 Violet working the BYU cheerleader.

Veronica wanted to be Hermione again.  This was on the first trunk or treat. 

The last trunk or treat.   

David's school Halloween party. 

Out pounding the streets for candy! 

This is at the 2nd trunk or treat.  


The kids are in soccer. I was actually looking forward to it. Then the week before the first game we got a call that there weren't enough coaches(volunteers). Jeff stepped up and took on two teams. They wouldn't accomodate us and put Veronica on David's team, so he had to have 2 teams...later come to find out other coaches requested that their kids be put on the same teams and their requests were granted. Anyway, lots of soccer 3 times per week. It's been a challenge but the kids are having a great time, especially the half-time snacks and post-game snacks. That's all they are thinking about. I would bet good money on that.