Saturday, March 10, 2012

T Ball anyone?

Signed David up for t-ball. Not sure if he's as excited to play as he is to dress up like a ball player.

Those red cleats that David is wearing were my E-bay purchase of the year...paid $4.29 for them. David's favorite color is red too!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Happy Birthday David!

David turned 5! This birthday was kind of sad for me. David is my sweet and sensitive boy. He is such a sweetheart sometimes that I get sad when I realize that this may go away when he gets older.

If you don't know my David, let me tell you about him. David is my second born and only boy. He has a million dollar smile that melts my heart. He has a sweet tooth, has had one since he was a baby. As a baby, he loved to smile and would always sleep so peacefully. David always notices when I wear makeup and tells me that he thinks my eyes are pretty. He also is kind of picky about his clothing and has been known to change up to 3 times per day. David loves cars and for a while was obsessed with them. He has started on Mario Bros. and is starting to obsess about that too. He's been pretty easy to please so far. He has long eyelashes that curl just right. He is always willing to help with his sisters or just says, "okay mommy" at just the right moment. I love my David. I want to freeze time because I don't really know how long he will notice that I'm wearing makeup and compliment me or not be embarrassed to come ask for a hug when he's sad. I want my sweet boy to stay sweet. I think he's the perfect fit in our girl majority family. He's on his way to Kindergarten this coming school year and it seems like in no time he will be in high school. Happy birthday sweet David.

Daddy Daughter Dance

Jeff took Veronica to her school's Daddy Daughter Dance. It was so cute. He wore his fancy cuflink shirt and matched Veronica's dress color. They both had a great time.