Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rain or Shine or...BOTH!

It never rains here...okay maybe a couple of times a year. Anyway, my brother found some super cheap Disneyland tickets for this past Monday. Back when we baught the tickets we didn't think that the biggest rain storm of the year in So. Cal (where it hardly rains) was going to hit on the very day we choose to go. I checked all the weather reports and they all said rain...we decided to go for it regardless of the rain. We took Vanessa to my mom for the day and we bundled the kids. We got there and realized that our backpack wasn't waterproof, we didn't bring enough plastic bags to try and keep things dry, couldn't find David's rainboots, not enough smores bars and did I mention the rain? It was a steady rain and it would down pour a lot. It rained steadily for about 5 or 6 hours. By 4pm the clouds parted and we had some sunlight and blue skies. The positive notes...not scorching hot, the longest line we stood in was 10 minutes, not that many people, watching David light up when Mickey and Minnie were spotted. Thanks Will & Angie for braving the storm with us.

Thanks Mickey for letting us warm up in your house!

Nothing like male bonding on the Peter Pan ride.

Finding some shelter from the monsoon.

Soaking wet but they are managing to have some fun. David's lower body was soaked. His pants are completely soaked and his feet were soaked. Veronica was the only one in our group that had dry feet at the end of the day.

At the end of the day we were headed out and spotted Minnie. Veronica's pants seemed to have dried. David keeps telling me that Minnie kissed his face.

A lot happier once I peeled off his wet pants and socks. We changed David into some dry jeans and dry socks. His sweater managed to get wet too so I had to sacrifice my sweater so he wouldn't freeze.

Good thing Vanessa was warm and dry with Abuela. This is the only wet that she wants to be.

Friday, January 15, 2010

**Shameless plug alert** Census 2010 is coming!

8 months old.

She's going to put robots out of style.