Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Day 2

Today was a good day. Eventhough it was close to 100 degrees out I managed to keep the apartment cool. David refused to be anywhere but in my arms, which made for a pretty unproductive day. I managed okay until about 5pm. David had a melt-down and I was pooped. Veronica skips her naps every now and then and just passes out sometimes doing the funniest things. Today she skipped her nap, which turned out good because she entertained David while I tried to wash dishes or something like that. At about 6pm she was lying on the floor coloring and started to color slower and slower until she closed her eyes and fell asleep. She just goes and goes until her battery runs out. Now I hope David sleeps okay. So far his sleep schedule is pretty good, for a newborn, and it's actually a schedule. He goes down somewhere between 830 and 9pm and sleeps until close to 2-3am then eats and he's back down until 6am and eats and wants to be up for the day but I'm not ready so we just hang out in bed until I'm ready. When I'm ready to get up that is when he falls asleep for an hour or so. Pretty soon he'll only wake once, which I can't wait for.
Alright, tomorrow is another day. Hopefully more productive and less heat so I don't feel so sluggish.

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