Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year

These are pictures that Veronica took with one of her birthday presents, a kid tough digital camera. She posed Minnie for this shot.

She takes lots of David.

I haven't had much going on lately, so nothing really interesting to post. I haven't even really taken very many pictures.

Once kids came around, new years eve has been an uneventful day/night. When the new year approached, David was sleeping in his crib, Veronica was undoubtedly staying up way past her bedtime with her Abuelos, Jeff was playing X-Box and I was miserable on the couch with the chills. We all were very sick, that's what we brought home from Idaho...among lots of Christmas presents.

We had a great time in IF, it's always nice to go away for a while.

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julie said...

Isn't being sick the worst, we were sick over the holidays as well. so you found minnie. we got hailey a camera but it was too cheap for her taste so i'm taking it back, did you buy the 50 dollar one?