Saturday, November 17, 2012

Veronica's big day!

Veronica has been so excited this year because she was going to turn 8!  And she could finally be baptized!  She's the last of her primary class to be baptized so she's been so eager and anxious. 
It was such a special day.  I didn't take many pictures...I was kind of taking it in and when I remembered to take pictures I couldn't get the right people together. 
Veronica's grandparents came from Idaho and her abuelos came too.  Tio and tia with Layla also came.  It was so overwhelming to see the support and to feel the love from everyone there.  I cannot find the proper words to express the gratitude in my heart from all the support we have felt from family and friends leading up to this point. 
It was special.  It was amazing.  Veronica came to me, after we left and she said, "Mom, I feel warm inside. I'm so happy to be baptized." 


The Gilley's said...

Aww what a beautiful post! Wishing we could have been there to bask in this special day for Veronica, and you guys! :)

What gorgeous pictures!!! She is just glowing, and you to mama and daddy! :)

Love you!

Will said...

We are so happy for Vero...very touching experience.