Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So with my infinite amount of time I decided to change my whole blog. I decided this quite a while ago but didn't want to invest my time and creativity to it. There are a lot of changes that I still need to make but decided to go to bed and get my 5 hours of sleep. Sidenote: Jeff has been in Hawaii since Sunday so I have been with the kids for the last 3 days and am tired and going crazy. Most nights that Jeff is away I can't sleep, I miss him...yeah even his snoring. It's just comforting to have him next to me. Anyway, since he's not here, I have been too busy to do anything fun for myself in the day so I foolishly wait until the kids are asleep to do email/blog, etc. Back to the blog formatting. Don't bother with the tabs, I'm not quite sure how to work those things but as soon as I figure it out I will be happy. It took me some time to decide on a background and as soon as I saw this one I was done looking. I'm hoping I can stick with this for a while, it's too much of a pain to change it, especially since I'm not too savy with computer lingo.


Catherine Chou said...

love the new header. floral. aww. so girly. the blog took me by surprise when i loaded it, though... so many changes i thought i went to the wrong site!

jackie e said...

i'm glad it's to your taste!

julie said...

Looks good! It's fun to change things up and use the brain for something other than tending to the house and the kids.