Sunday, February 08, 2009

Jeff rants...

This isn't really a rant, but I wanted to list my all-time favorite restaurants:

10: Les Sisters - Cajun restaurant in Chatsworth. Good gumbo and even better buttermilk pie.

9: Pho 999 - this is a vietnamese restaurant. Beef noodle soup. Tai nam gao is my favorite (number 13 on the menu) and a mango boba.

8: A & W - Great bacon cheesburgers and even better root beer.

7: Tommy's Burgers - Best chili burgers in the world...even better after a Dodgers' game.

6: Pizza Pipeline - Best pizza I've ever had-large w/pepperoni & jalapenos, some cinnamon-sugar tricky stix, and washing it down with a sprite, plus it includes college-days nostalgia from Provo.

5: In-n-out burger - #1 combo with a side of "spread".

4: Ono's - great hole-in-the-wall hawaiian place in Waikiki. Poi, lau-laus, lomi-lomi salmon, kailua a word "ono" ("delicious" in hawaiian...I think).

3: El Taurino/Taco King - best taco stands in all of LA, burrito de pura carne, unos tacos de carne asada y lengua, y un agua grande de tamarindo.

2: Red Lobster - Raw oysters on the half shell for an appetizer and butterfly coconut shrimp with pina colada sauce for the entree.

1: Sam Woo's - this is a chinese restaurant-great mongolian beef, spicy salt pork chops, and chow fun with some "hi-chew" from the grocery store next door for dessert.

A lot of thought went into this list, but it can change on a moment's notice: discovering a new restaurant or getting a hair in my food from one of the places listed. And yes, I like to eat, and have gained a good 50 lbs of weight from my 140 lbs days in high school.

Lazy Sunday

Veronica has been sick this weekend, so today was definitely a lazy Sunday. The kids are still wearing their jammies.
I thought I would take some time to post some pictures of the happenings in the past month.

Jeff had another trip to Fresno and we tagged along. We had to stop at an A&W and enjoy the rootbeer....there are none in LA.

Here we are on our night out. Yeah, I look pretty huge in that tent.

Veronica helped me make cookie bars and they enjoyed some after their baths.

Enjoying the leaves at the park.

Veronica likes to climb into David's crib when she should be sleeping. He loves it and welcomes her intrusion.

Veronica has called this "table catch." The kids take turns and get up on the table and jump off into Jeff's arms. They could do this for hours.