Saturday, June 07, 2014

Vaness the mess turns 5!

**Another late post**

Nessa, Ness, Nessi, Vaness, Vanessa. This girl has been waiting all year to turn 5! Sadly, her birthday was on Mother's Day this year.  I jokingly told her that since her birthday was the same day as Mother's Day that she wouldn't get any presents.  She nodded and said, "ok, but I still get birthday cake, right?"  I could have taken it further, but she takes most of what I say as truth so I didn't want to string her along like that.  She has been a tough one this year.  Mostly because she has tapped into her emotions a lot and she can become an emotional train wreck at the slightest thing.  But, she is by far the silliest and most carefree kid.  She loves pretty things, especially when she can wear pretty things, or hold them or smell like them or even be around them.  She will sneak into my bathroom, when I'm getting ready for things that require make-up application, and watch me and pretend to do the same things I'm doing.  I'll indulge her and put mascara on her thick eyelashes and I'm instantly convinced that she has the secret to beauty.  She always wants her nails painted and to wear pretty clothes and shoes and have pretty hair.  Unfortunately, I am a simpleton when it comes to that stuff.  Vanessa is brave and tough.  She doesn't stay down very long if she gets hurt.  I've talked a lot about beauty and pretty things and I don't want to make it seem like that's all Vanessa is about.  It actually goes deeper.  Yes, she does like pretty things like clothes, shoes, make-up, etc., but she does look at most things and sees beauty.  Her little eyes sparkle when I show her a beautiful flower or a beautiful picture.  It is an important thing to be able to find beauty in our surroundings and I love that quality about Vanessa.
Jeff takes her to school in the mornings and he always tells me that she says the funniest things and that he should record his conversations with her.  Vanessa is always the most excited for holidays because she is festive.  I have to force myself to be festive but with my Nessa it comes naturally and it's almost fun for me to watch her get excited to make decorations for birthdays or wrap presents or think of special things to do when I am grouchy pants about doing it.  She keeps my life fun and light and sparkly.  She has the cutest dimple, the biggest tummy, a great smile, and genuine excitement for life.  Vanessaism:  "I bet Pennsylvania got pregnant because of a pencil."  She loves her blankie and her right thumb.  I never have to beg her to do her hair or get ready for the day.  She is my little alarm clock, because I know that on Saturday mornings I will never sleep past 7:30am because she will remind me that she's hungry and wants a snack.  I love my 5 year old Nessa.  It's so fun having her in our family and lightening things up.  It's hard not to look at her and feel her happy.  For her birthday she requested beautiful flowers and beautiful decorations and Hello Kitty cupcakes. I obliged - mostly.

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