Saturday, June 07, 2014

one year older

David celebrated his 7th birthday.  I told him, if he chooses to be baptized next year, that this is his last year to sow his oats.  He didn't quite understand and I was joking.  I don't know if it's because I am getting older but it seems like time is happening faster than I'm willing to keep up with. (Hence this post is several months old)
My beautiful and only boy.  David has been a scholar this year in school although from his penmanship you'd think otherwise.  He has been the recipient of many awards, and his teacher pulled me aside at an awards assembly and told me that he usually doesn't give the same kid more than one award but he said it  just had to be done in David's case. Most teachers tell me how sweet David is and how helpful and respectful he is in class. And I'm usually never surprised by the sweet words people express in regards to David. David has always been thoughtful and he's usually the only one that asks me how my day was or notices when I paint my toe nails or asks me if I'm feeling better if I've been sick/hurt. He is the sweetest and most thoughtful 7 year old in my life. I'm grateful for the softness that David has.  He forces me to explore different approaches to discipline and parenting in general.  He is super sensitive and extremely tender. He loves learning facts - he's mastering the 50 states all on his own. He can probably tell you a lot more than I can about any given state. He loves electronic anything. He can watch me stare at my phone all day if I let him. He is an amazing, sweet, caring and beautiful boy. His sisters are so lucky to have him for a brother and I am lucky to have him as a son.
When he was born it was a struggle. There were a lot of things that unraveled and I think he was the right angel for me. On occasion, he will grab my empty hand and hold it and that melts my heart all over again. I only hope that I can nurture him properly so that his beautiful qualities flourish and he continues to become the awesome that he is.  I am almost positive that I had nothing to do with how awesome David is. Happiest Birthday to my David!

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