Thursday, September 04, 2008

my bag tag

Thank you Mindy, for the incentive to go through my bags and clean them out and be a little more organized.
Well, I will do first my main bag which is my diaper bag and then I will do my own bag that has nothing to do with diapers...though I did find a diaper in it (you just never know when you'll need an extra diaper).

I used to like this diaper bag a lot, mainly because it wasn't black and ugly. What I later realized is that it makes things disappear. This bag holds a lot but when I'm looking for my keys or cell phone I can never find it where I know I left it.

I dumped this out onto a towel before I placed everything on the table because there were a lot of cookie/goldfish/candy/sand everywhere. This is as of this afternoon, I usually throw in a lot more fruit snacks and David's milk is usually floating around somewhere.
So, what's in the diaper bag: diapers, wipes, sippy cup (with old water), hotel lotion, sunglasses, grocery list, thank you cards (from David's baby shower over a year and a half ago), YMCA card, immunization cards for Veronica and David, white butterfly clip, bag of chapstick, lip gloss, and lotion, extra panties for Veronica, baby picture album, my parents house keys, my wallet, blue coupon organizer, brown coin purse, Hilton hotel key, fruit snacks, bandage, pen, random church key, Dromamine, matches, chopsticks from Pho 999, red spoon, Sleeping Beauty pez dispenser with pez candy, oh yeah and Snow White accesories with the prince. And YES I NEED EVERYTHING IN THERE.

Reddish leather hobo bag from Liz Claiborne.

Lip gloss, mint spray, Gap body mister, hotel lotion, hair band, some change, cell, wallet, diaper, movie stub, In-n-Out stickers, crayon, pen, floss, fruit snacks, orange bouncy ball, Auntie Anne receipt, and sun glasses.


{tiffany} thomson said...

That is awesome! It is so amazing the things that can float down to the bottom of the abyss.

Sheena said...

I love the "mommy bag" and then the incognito "mommy-bag-wanna-be-just-my-stuff-but-the-kids-things-still-end-up-in-there bag"

Sheena said...

that first post got cut off and doesn't make sense. Basically I meant to say I like how the first bag is an obvious momma bag and the second one looks like a regular purse and then has hidden kids items in there with your stuff. ahhh!! why can't I articulate?!!

Jenny said...

I love both of these bags! Dang cute!! I miss you and think you should come spend the night.