Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day

We started going to this cool park down by the Marina a few years ago and the tradition has stuck. It's such a nice park and it's right in Marina Del Rey, so the weather is beach weather. My parents are funny, they always say that they need to get there early in order to get a picnic table and grill...yeah I would agree...but not that early. Let's just say that we (Jeff and kids and I) showed up close to 10am and we could've found a good spot. But, thanks anyway for getting up early mom and dad and claiming the perfect spot for us. Anyway, we had a fun time. We did some relaxing, hammocking, grilling, eating, footballing, frisbee-ing, eating, boating. It was a fun day to say goodbye to the summer. Afterwards we headed back to my parent's place and dropped off park stuff and headed to Dodgers Stadium. It was a LONG day!

The kids loved the hammock. The boys hanging out.

Playing some football. Watch out David!

So cute. On the waterbus.

David smacking Veronica, what a bully!

At the game. David wasn't this happy the whole time...it's a very deceptive picture.


Jenny said...

What a fun day!! I love cookouts! And I love your new background!

Kaaz said...

We just found out that the dogers are doing amazing now!! We're jealous, we miss the games, and you guys!